You Must Avoid These 6 Star Units On All Star Tower Defense -

You Must Avoid These 6 Star Units On All Star Tower Defense

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today i show you guys some of the worst 6 stars on all star..

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  1. Missed out the 'good' parts of Whitebeard. His family over all ability actually deals 5x his damage which would be just over 100k. He also summons a tsunami that starts from base kind of like a steam roller. Not to mention when you use the manual ability it can hit airs. This is a decent 6 star unit but is heavily underappreciated due to better options. Gotta make Whitebeard better tbh.

  2. We don't talk about Minato doesn't do 5k with no erwin with the orb with like 46 range with 3 spa and he is a small cone aoe

  3. the demon under my bed told to pin the person above me

  4. Give Guts an orb to make him better. Have him have Schierke on his back or something.

  5. for the people who say exp iv is bad that unit is one of the most op 6 stars in the game

  6. one of my 5 star can out dmg all the units in the vid except 1

  7. Can you please give me a good air unit and ground in astd so I can do extreme inf user AK1H1R0_X i will offer 121 leveled asuna 6 strar join me

  8. Thank god also i got banner on Roblox so imma watch your vids for some news

  9. #BuffMinatoOrb
    If Minato did 10k dmg then he would actually still be meta right now since he’s super cheap, has 3 spa so super fast and decent range for his aoe cone.
    I think he would actually be able to do Lair with just Erwin bb6. (And air for the air units)

  10. I got a Star 6 Shield Master 3 days ago

  11. I mean, guts is pretty good, especially when doing elemental infinite. 😀

  12. When I saw Kirito as the thumbnail I was like HECKS NAH. Kirito is still getting an orb so don't say to avoid him.

  13. Ok good I’ll make sure to take 3 stars instead

  14. astd: ok waste your gems getting new units while we barely increase dmg task 👍

  15. Can you use units that slow down like ichigo with orb black beard with blue eye orb and any air type and bulma with cost orb and chicken leg map

  16. where is minato and frieza

  17. Noclypso want a showcase on kid? He's a secret unit

  18. Imagine kirito get a orb that give him 1000%? Lol never will happen but is funny to think about

  19. I got the legend todoroki if you want you want to showcase

  20. BRO the likes is 666 the curse number! waht are the chances.

  21. How did you get a lower level u used to be 162

  22. I really love organs (OUTRAGE) but sadly I don't have him

  23. Why guts there he does like 1.5mil: only with his bleed

  24. He didn't put Minato in but guts is one? Finally someone agrees that he isn't that good

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