Yet another tower defence - Gameplay (PC/UHD) -

Yet another tower defence – Gameplay (PC/UHD)

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About Yet another tower defence
Ancient demons summoned from the deep dark abyss, and brought ruin to Tiede, land of our home. You should know your towers, and use them wisely. Bring your sword, worrior, and your brave heart! Join me in this defence of the ancient…lands!

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  1. Did they spell defense wrong intentionally?

  2. Oh man I love your videos. Just have a question you have made a video about Minas Tirith map for Warhammer. Unfortunetely Steam had taken it down and I am unable to find it anywhere. Can you please help me how to get to that amazing map? Any help would be awesome. Thank you @warriorofSparta

  3. Tower defense game suggestion Bloons TD 6 and the rest of the balloon series balloon super monkey 2 not included

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