Yami 6Star (Dark) will make you scream YAMITE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox - fantasy-defense.com

Yami 6Star (Dark) will make you scream YAMITE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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Yami 6Star (Dark) will make you scream YAMITE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. Have we still not yet get any new farm units??

  2. Are the developers of anime adventures and astd same bc those units are same each update

  3. His damage surpasses Obito at level 175 with buff but Obito has the edge when it comes to aoe and spa even though it's only 0.5 seconds and is 87,450 dollars cheaper you'll be able to hit more enemies with Obito. In conclusion Yami is the best Black Clover unit higher dmg but Obito is overall better.

  4. The six star I have been waiting since I have started playing astd

  5. Which ball you mean 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 and I only have 19 of those so I need 1 more to get the 6 star wahhhhh he’s kinda op but not meta Mabye he is meta with buff idk anymore

  6. So he’s just like 7 star sasuke bet he a cone and sasuke a circle

  7. Everyone talking about how strong is yami

    Me; Bro yami's face in the thumbnail😭😭💀💀

  8. Yo can u do a black flames only unit challenge

  9. Love the vid snow ❤ what’s the bleach sing you always use???

  10. we got the new unit cars quickly it is in banner

  11. If i remember obito at lvl 175 with brook buff does 11M while yami does 16m

  12. I was waiting whole year, and when I fed all my Yamis they finnaly add his 6star version, no way


  14. Snow, I recently got the new 5 star unit car, you can get him from special summon too if lucky

  15. dude its expensive than sasuke 7 bruh sasuke 7 cost 6 million yami cost 6.6 million

  16. I dont know but he maybe good at the Marine map in infinite its thin and good for his aoe soo not that bad

  17. Please try it I will be better infinite fire🔥and burn😈and blood🩸and poison☢:
    1 Player: The Strongest Curse – Unit Categories: God Black Fusion

    2 Player: Magma Marine- Unit Categories: Dark2Dark

    3 Player: Devil-Unit Categories: Mysterious X and Star Boy

    4 Player: Vegu Blue Evolved- Unit Categories: Borul III

  18. bro can you tell me if yami do flame a secound last upgrade

  19. who remember when mihawk was the best unit in astd

  20. this is one thing he does around 31 million more damage adn taht s only with one erwin buff

  21. Snow: his aoe is like a JoJo character is small

    Dio 6 star: am I a joke to you?

  22. the waffle house has spoken. Phase 2 intitied.

  23. Pls do 7 star challenge pls and pls give me free unit thx yo 😮

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