XMas Event Battlepass - HOLIDAY SKIN SHOWCASE - Tower Defense Simulator - fantasy-defense.com

XMas Event Battlepass – HOLIDAY SKIN SHOWCASE – Tower Defense Simulator

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~||Background music is from Epidemic Sound and/or Phoqus, the main music composer of Paradoxum Games. It may also be from a playlist that I have uploaded.||~

~||What is Tower Defense Simulator?||~
Tower Defense Simulator is a Roblox game made by Paradoxum Games created on the 5th of June 2019 and officially released on the 15th of June 2019. It involves players teaming up with one another to fighting waves of different enemies until they either are overrun or triumph that particular map. Players gain cash by damaging enemies and from wave bonuses, which can subsequently be invested in buying new towers or upgrading existing ones. There is also a Versus mode where other players can team up to face down another team. In this instance, players can send enemies. Once players are defeated or triumph, they gain EXP, which is used to level up, and Coins, which can be used to purchase new towers.
You can play Tower Defense Simulator here:


  1. Is this fr? Skins that aren't 1 dollar reskins

  2. Man the frost invasion background music gives me so much memories

  3. I like how with the holiday mini he dose not get a dual mini gun like most skins,instead he gets an upgraded version of the original and only get one turrent,very similar to the golden skin but overall I love it 😀

  4. I was actually talking to my friend on how the Christmas skins would look and I was jokingly saying crook boss would look cool if his Christmas skin was black and guess what happened

  5. The crook boss literally fits its them, the beard and the fit

  6. Muhammad zayde maqil Muhammad zulkarnaen (Bbss) says:

    5:17 ahh the days where tds sprinting was not there

  7. Wait a minute the holiday minigunner level 3 is the same detail as the lvl3 g minigunner except it has candy cane minigun but the max is different

  8. This is the last video if i see about TDS, i an leaving from this freack painfull game and all chanels about him

    Games is to be fun, not painfull like TDS

  9. Bro I can’t hear shit with this music alright

  10. I spend more time watching your vids than playing the game 💀

  11. I unlocked G crate and got G soilder (it's my first G💀)

  12. dont grind i recomend buying it with robux instead of grinding its not worth it

  13. The holiday minigunner skin LOOK SO SICK!!

  14. dang bro i wish every engineer skin can make a custom sentry (like ducky engineer spawn ducky sentry)

  15. In my opinion, i would say shotgunnner looks the worst

  16. Wikia pls show me how i could get the exclusive zone in my loadout i cant equip my elf camp tower

  17. i haven't been up to date so i dont know if you know this but the event's title is probably based on the song silent night

  18. In update there is skin called Cookie scout maybe it's secret new skin

  19. these christmas things are good but,why is the event so hard like ducky doom place?😢

  20. Crock boss had a christmas skin already(why another one)

  21. is it just me or does the holiday scout use cowboys firing animation?

  22. best one would be either mini or commander

  23. Bruh some missed potential
    Could've had a sleigh as the helicopter or ace

  24. T H E O R Y
    The purple guy from the XMAS trailer is name is ERROR and we already did see him on his real version (the trailer being a specter)
    Lemme explain: 2020 there was a badge of a boss named "Error king" (or Awakened fallen king if you want), that you could get by defeating the "ERROR" boss, but he was never released to public, witch was strange.
    But after 2 years a entity whit alot of 0 and 1 did appear on the trailer whit a really similar color to the "ERROR" boss, making the entity a hint for the next (or other) update in the future

    Please show this theory to the TDS comunity, it was way harder than i was expecting to do

  25. I’m gonna try beating the event then working on the skins

  26. Yo does anyone know how to get the cookie scout skin

  27. The engi skin was fine untill it got the Santa jacket it looks so out of place

  28. Hey TDS comunity,I wanted to ask something:
    So,since the end of the egg hunt 2.0 event,the ducky Commander stands still and doesnt do anything,and because I cant play this upadtes because of private things I wanted to ask if the skin works now,thank you

  29. Hes just standing there, M E N A C I N G L Y

  30. I got nostalgia crit shoot when you put frost invasion lobby music

  31. slightly generic skins 'cause the theme is just elves and santa but all the details look sick, overall 8/10 season pass imo

  32. Man, now I have to suffer grinding to get the commander skin, but the problem is that my phone SUCKS, and I love the new Skins cause of the gun appearance. Like the minigunner.

  33. I'm depressed because my phone can handle tds for a long time but it can't handle the Xmas event even battlepasses. I give up getting the skins and the tower. I quit tds

  34. Bro, why didn't they put buttons on the shirts it would look cool for level 0

  35. There should be santa mortal it can throw presents

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