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X-Morph Defense (PC, Xbox One, PS4) “Best Tower Defense Game?!”

Cow Town
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We take an early look at X-Morph Defense releasing on Steam, Windows 10, Xbox One, PS4 on August 30th! And this could be one of my favorite Tower Defense Titles yet… Be sure to tell me what you think!

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  1. Guys is it online game only? May l ask if there is blue ray copy of this game?

  2. I love that graphics. even tho its a 4th perspective view tower defence game. Definitely CaQ 2.0 but its Tower defence. 😂

  3. It's a great game I pre-ordered it and man this is one the hardest TD games I ever played. It's tough!

  4. I thought about something. Restricting the traffic flow is a good idea when it comes to tower defense. I also think about positioning the turrets at key locations where the turrets can attack the same target two times. A target survives the attack from a turret. Then, a same target must come near the turret again. A second time at destruction.

  5. Schmetterling is the german word for butterfly

  6. Bought in the psn sale today, the game is more twin stick shooter than tower defence from my early time spent learning the basics. Looks chaotic and plays chaotic

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