WOMAN TOWER DEFENSE IS FUN (arena: tower defense) (TD Review - ROBLOX) - fantasy-defense.com

WOMAN TOWER DEFENSE IS FUN (arena: tower defense) (TD Review – ROBLOX)

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This TD game is pretty good, even if they got rid of the BEST NAME IN THE UNIVERSE.

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  1. Sad the game update change arana:tower defense I miss old name 🙁

  2. You should play toy defenders, it's really good

  3. my inv is the bomb dude and may hitman farm alien nekoro and now cassy

  4. From an lvl 50 player no mayla is rlly good but not the best hero cassy,nekoro and ruby is much better in my experience

    Btw grind for fire mage then gunner to easily solo the game

  5. Can you buy the hitman tower his ability is op that enemy had a target thing on it

  6. hey do u know mage gave best abilty in game ? or there nerf it …

  7. I recommend that u spam tons of gunners , some beacons and get cassy so u will 2 have 1500 gunners and when u reach one of these big bosses use both cassy’s ability and level 6 beacon ability, should shred the boss within seconds

  8. He had 1 cat but now he has 2 cats again

  9. I met you in this game I was yourworstnightmare my fren was yourbestnightmare

  10. very nice game but..

    Where can i download among us?

  11. This game reminds me of Bloons tower defense 6

  12. I think if this game update it will blow td games

  13. I hate woman tower defense and it's my opinion and I can't be judged

  14. I made it to wave 152 just spam beacons and gunners

  15. Dont take this joke seriously lol

    Woman Tower Defense: *exists*


    I hope no one gets offended by this, because that was NOT my intention.

    Also this is literally btd6

  16. Why wouldn’t it let me teleport to the map

  17. If you have gunner and fire mage you can make a stronger teir 6 gunner that does 2500 and get kitsunagi achievement

  18. I saw it was called women tower defense because the owner lost a bet

  19. " thats more then the fallen king " wait until he sees round 200 massive voids

  20. i can do wave 150 lol i do it by my friends

  21. The game isnt for simps, its for people who respect gender equality

  22. I reached wave 157 in arena tower defense and I did solo it and it's kinda a bit possible but if there is one teammate in your game and it's pretty possible and.. Here is my loadout from how I reached wave 157: beacon, alien, ruby to buff the ruby class towers, wizard for early game, farm to get some money, and then.. Gunner..

    And here is the boss: Amethys void lord, Ruby void lord, and Hrybrid void lord.

  23. What the hell this game is pure ass,look at the maps

  24. For me nekoro is best guardian because she do full aoe damage and attack very fast and her summon is op

  25. harrison I GOT TO WAVE 100 AND LOOK AT THIS BOSS!!!!
    Me who got to wave 201:bruh

  26. There’s literally another female tower defense

  27. Ruby Queen buffs ruby towers and has a high damage shotgun.

  28. Ah yes my favourite boss, the “Ameethiest Void lord”

  29. i honestly think the thumbnails for it are just for simps to play the game.

  30. TDS should try to replicate the lobby system of ATD. That would get rid of the hassle of finding a specific map you want to play on and getting into a solo match so noobs don't screw up your speedrun.

    I love the idea of harder maps giving better rewards, because TDS has the issue of most maps being useless because grinding on a harder map takes more time and effort for the EXACT SAME rewards of speeding through an easy map on the same difficulty.

    If only if you could choose the capacity of your teleportation elevator in TDS, then you wouldn't have to scream "SOLO" in the chat and scold people to leave your elevator. I prefer soloing over playing with randoms when farming coins in Molten.

  31. They really copy tower defenae sim but tds is more cooler

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