WIZARD *ONLY* Modded Tower Challenge (Bloons TD Battles) - fantasy-defense.com

WIZARD *ONLY* Modded Tower Challenge (Bloons TD Battles)

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Today we play Bloond TD with some secret upgrades to the wizard and cannon!

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  1. are we just going to ignore the fact that ssundee has 1.6 billion monkey money

  2. Bro haves more monkey money then mrbeast💀💀

  3. Funny joke hahahaha hah fr😆😆😂

  4. Bomber with no upgrades: oh Hell no i dont got this
    bomber with Ray of doom ? I dont remember: God this is ez

  5. Ssundee: laugh
    Ssundee: "makes monkey sound"

  6. why was tewty paniciking so much about your tower

  7. Wait he said Canon because he wanted to say can you believe that get it can Canon

  8. How do you stupid do you know why stupid because he’s not placing any difference to us your friend the person is getting too why do you not even doing that that’s why you’re so stupid

  9. Ssundee triggered me when he just placed a banana farm in the middle of the map (I have ocd)

  10. I like Sandy because when you do this video when the wizard was shooting his own magic spells it was rainbow and you know I like

  11. 12:50 those black ones were the DDTs and the purple one that came after was the BAD bloon from bloons td6

  12. I love that tewity and ssundee say each other tower is op

  13. Dude look at SSundees money at the end of the video!

  14. It's not just Op now you can see your screen

  15. I'm the only Person in balloons TD battles I always brings nail factory Helicopter And super monkey

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