Will the Hacker Tower EVER BE ADDED? - Tower Defense Simulator - fantasy-defense.com

Will the Hacker Tower EVER BE ADDED? – Tower Defense Simulator

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~||What is Tower Defense Simulator?||~
Tower Defense Simulator is a Roblox game made by Paradoxum Games created on the 5th of June 2019 and officially released on the 15th of June 2019. It involves players teaming up with one another to fighting waves of different enemies until they either are overrun or triumph that particular map. Players gain cash by damaging enemies and from wave bonuses, which can subsequently be invested in buying new towers or upgrading existing ones. There is also a Versus mode where other players can team up to face down another team. In this instance, players can send enemies. Once players are defeated or triumph, they gain EXP, which is used to level up, and Coins, which can be used to purchase new towers.
You can play Tower Defense Simulator here:


  1. The first time ive seen the hacker tower i was super exited…untill i waited 2 years…now its finally time!

  2. Guys, if the next emoji leak happens to be "💻👾…" or something like that, i think we can get excited. Let's hope for it.

  3. If you had to ask me, I think the hacker would function like Ettine from BTD6, where when an enemy gets in range of the hacker, the drones fly after it and attack it. The drones might have a lifetime system similar to engi's sentries, or they might be permanent. The hacker would start with one drone, and as it levels up it gains more drones.

  4. Can you look into if there’s going to be a Black Friday sale in tds this year?

  5. Everyone in this comment section is furries (besides me) just look at their profile picture

  6. People calling pizza party bad, bro you never played fnaf because it's "too scary" 💀

  7. I feel like the hacker tower will be added if you win hidden wave

  8. I think it’s gonna be like Benjamin in btb2 where he hacks in money each round as shown in 1:12 but also have some damage mechanic like how cowboy works

  9. we all KNOW that the glue gunner is from btd6

  10. Its weird why did we need a hacker tower its not fitting it just weirs as hell

  11. The hacker tower had a dps of 100 in the ui at lvl 2 and lvl 3 upgrade costed only 925$, so i think it’s fake because it’s too much damage for that little price

  12. Imagine they anounce a "mecha update" where they add Mecha Base and Hacker

    Won't happen, but at least let me dream

  13. Who thinks that the hacker tower will be a gem tower with 1500 gems😢

  14. actully glue gunner would be support tower like toxic guner and mercenary would be spawing on road like humvee mark and bodyguards and hacker would use drones to shoot rockets on enemies

  15. For some reason i am felling that the Hacker Tower will be a level tower…a reward for reaching the level 125 to be more specific…

  16. I hope it ain’t a hardcore tower I don’t want to grind again

  17. what if they pull another duck hunt things where they add a limited time gamemode and a hardcore tower with it, this being the hacker?

  18. Off topic from hacker, I just remembered mecha base existed, and tbh, I think it would be cool if we had something like golden crate for mil base, where it costs a lot of buy but your able to get a skin/perk for like military base, and when the perk is active, you have a mecha base, since I haven’t seen mecha base be exactly viable for while now, and tbh, kinda sad it’s gone into the void of unused TDS towers, besides hardcore, but since u can do g cowboy strat now, it kinda doesn’t have a lot of uses, along with something like archer, which used to be very viable during the frost event, kinda just want to see some old towers be revamped, and if we’re getting hacker sooner or later, I feel it wouldn’t be that bad if we could revamp some old towers, and add it in with the theme.

  19. So.. that means Mecha base is last hardcore Tower left

  20. Black Friday soon better be gladiator I missed out on it

  21. Bro paradoxum game uploaded bro wikiacolors about make a whole test on this shit

  22. Glue gunner : let me go back to BTD6!!

  23. see now the thing thats annoying is a good 6 minutes of this video is useless information I didn't click for

    wikia, please stop stretching these videos. it works sometimes, but sometimes it gets extremely annoying;. your a great content creator, but I have to go to egg often as these videos are just stretched

  24. Idea : nerf the enemies on defense shield hidden ghost immune to ice immune to eletricity healing speed or extra money generated from the enemies it could also make the summoners like molten boss and mystery summoner stop spawning stuff using the drone it could probably fly above the enemies and shine a light at it and the enemy having a glitched effect

    Idea 2: it can be like the old cowbow ability but spawning a drone with pretty good dps which makes money each like 5 enemies killed and it lasts for 30 seconds

    Idea 3: it makes money per round and the ability buffs tower on random stats like firerate range damage charging speed or effect lasting longer

  25. Hey wikia, when does the dj booth plush go offsale?

  26. I’m not a hater but why not just get to the point if it’s going to be added or not with little information

  27. I think hacker must be added at safe internet day[i dont know why]

  28. I THINK THE HACKER TOWER WILL BE 6,500 bc engi was 4,500 and accel was 2,500 So Maybe They Add 2,000 Every Time

  29. glue gunner is a rip-off of the bloons tower 'Glue Gunner' that slows bloons

  30. Will there be a black friday sale this year?

  31. Wikia colors, when I am buying the DJ plushie it sends me to a site called jupiters shopify thing, so when I enter my card and everything it says it declines it AND it keep saying transaction no processed or transaction has failed, I discussed my bank about it and they said ok we will let the site charge but it just keeps saying the same darn thing, i use VISA btw.

  32. Where tf is the 8 minute video about the new video paradoxum uploaded

  33. With the poll everything else but hacker was in tower battles lol
    army camp is like the walking solider guys
    and mercenary is legit just mercenary
    glue gunner is that halloween tower thng

  34. Probably need to beat redesigned hidden wave to get hacker and people with the old badge will get a skin
    (maybe after beating hidden wave, need to buy it with a small amount of gems like warden (Second idea))

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