Why was the Mecha Base removed?|Tower Defense Simulator - fantasy-defense.com

Why was the Mecha Base removed?|Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. To anyone that said what did the void miner do:
    Below is going to kill you.

  2. i hope it comes out its always in the trailiors they are just giving us fake news cuz if i saw that i would want it

  3. I hate how they took 6 months, said it was the biggest update, and its very tiny, the game is broken, nothing is added.

  4. Pretty sure the mechs are like dead in the past

  5. 7:38 whatever the rason is it was a rushed tower
    Guys why did he put rason instead of reason

  6. Wait, if people bought mecha base while it was available did they keep the tower or was it removed from their inventory?

  7. lvl 0 mark looks sus,
    *searches up star wars at rt
    (literally the same thing)

  8. mecha base is removed because they accidently got it in the game while they were testing
    mecha base is also removed because its a spam worthy tower and is for admins only

  9. STOP, if devs fixing units lags, possible, devs can Come back mecha base in summer 2021 update!!!!!

  10. Question: Are you Admin or how do you get the Cheats ? Because VIP? I also want Priv server Cmds

  11. Because military base is usefull too so they removed it to make it harder

  12. YESS IN EARLY 2022 MECHA BASE IS BACK (or late 2021 idk)

  13. me when i see lvl 4: WHAT A beautiful SIGHTING XD

  14. But you can get the mark again if you are an admin like JHON ROBLOX

  15. Just report below natural because of removal of mecha base

  16. Now that I think about Mecha Base is kinda like Zed from Tower Battles

  17. The 00.0001 who have used it: I am 1 whole parallel universe ahead of you

  18. We need more units to buy with hardcore gems

  19. Jeez you could try to fix the bugs not remove something but then again it did have enough range to cover most maps

  20. Bruh Mecha bass it’s only for admin it’s still alive

  21. Let's pray that in the matchmaking update mecha base will be added.

  22. I personally think that the Accel is more practical than the Mecha base, cause the Mecha Base is just a fancy Military Base

  23. The military base kinda reminds me of the mecha base

  24. So, to my understanding. They removed it because the tower wasn't functioning very well in several occasions?

  25. if you guys wanna know the songs name its called LEMMiNO cipher (bgm)

  26. Below only removes op towers mecha
    base was too op

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