Which tower can solo FURTHEST in molten? | Tower Defense Simulator - fantasy-defense.com

Which tower can solo FURTHEST in molten? | Tower Defense Simulator

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You guys wanted gameplay so here it is. Now if you want more then watch the full video and leave a like! Also subscribe this took so long…
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@Theinevitablenub reminded me of idea I guess


  1. i saw someone in night 4 who was like "oh no" when a enemy with 5 health was about to leak and when it died to the rangers they were like "phew" like 5 hp was gonna end us

  2. Im done solo molten with only ace, mitary base, farm, dj n commander

  3. almost maxed tower and needs 1 more dollar me BRUHHHHHHH WHY BELOW WHY

  4. Is anyone gonna talk about how he put slasher as number 1 in the thumbnail

  5. A ray of doom forged from the depths of the void .v.s. THIK BOI WIT RAILGUN XD

  6. technically accel would make it further if it was on a longer map

  7. Ok I have 2 level 3 minis in a mystery rush I should do fi- WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT 6 NUCLEAR FALLEN KINGS!?!?!?

  8. The money thing always happens to me.. "you need 5 more dollars for this”

  9. The military base is better than accel confirmed

  10. Ima turret could do better it was at the very back and you never sold and replace to antoher place.

  11. Yeahhh uh rng js kinda bad, especially in fallen mode because most of the time ALL. LEGIT ALL of us get spammed with giant boss

  12. if only he tested the hunter now, he would get FAR

  13. I just got mini gunner and I’m spamming it in solo molten

  14. 10 bucks short? I once got A DOLLAR short.
    God bless TDS.

  15. I got 1 buck short for acel upgrade….. REEE

  16. Seeing how good gladiator is so painful, I lost to boss by 2k and it was limited so I will never have another chance

  17. btw i think u forgot to test out ace pilot, i did ace pilot only just now and got to 36 or 38 cant remember exactly

  18. i literally killed molten boss using only miltary bases and support

  19. i had once done fallen badlands then mystery got killled then spawned abnormal boss me and my freind lost then

  20. One time i had a farm and i was ONE DOLLAR SHORT TO UPGRADE IT

  21. Tumbnail is slasher bro number one but its not op

  22. For some reason I’m only lvl 230 with 620 wins while he’s lvl 300 with 470 wins?

  23. in the title it says slasher is number 1 cause i have slasher and it wins lol and i have cammando two lol

  24. Bro i was soloing with ranger only (with turret for hidden detect) and i was 1 GOD DAMN MONEY SHORT FOR MAX RANGER

  25. when i was lvl 29, i was 2 XP AWAY FROM CROOK
    tds is the best game for this sole reason

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