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What’s next for Tower Defense X..? | ROBLOX

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Tower Defense X is a pretty cool game, the launch went well, but next year i plan for bigger updates and a lot more!!

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  1. You can’t kill multiplier X, huh? hmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like a challenge

  2. I likes these types of videos, a bit of information about future updates and then see a man child playing with his toys

  3. spawn tower mayham (I want spawn towers

  4. Do you plan on adding a medic tower of some sorts or just any tower to heal other towers?

  5. hey john, add a frogman tower or else i launch my infant son into orbit

  6. Yo John Roblox when will you add the helicopter tower or the plane tower?

  7. I think you guys can balance the AC-130 a bit then release it as a tower. We can control it and stuff. It would be pretty cool to see.

  8. 8:23 on this map if you go into the castle and keep going into the cave you get a silly Easter egg not gonna spoil it but it’s worth it and very silly

  9. Ok so if an event is this hard and expert is already very hard whats gonna be in nightmare

  10. Waiting for YuukTV to make a solo strategy without jugg or rail for the nightmare mode of the event

  11. couldnt even beat him with cheat humves
    i think its balanced…

  12. I can confidently say that now yuuk wont find a way to win whit low level towers :troll:

  13. “How to solo Nightmare Christmas event with Barracks only”

  14. there should be an option for setting the towers to target either the cloned version or the real version of the enemies


  16. Cat girls and neko skins are supr cringe,that not military thematic now…

  17. Where you gonna add turret pilot in the game pls make it free get in lv 40 or 50 plsssss

  18. John imo you should change that the nightmare exo santa would look a bit different than the normal one

  19. Personally i think the game is amazing but there could definitely be more challenges and the current ones could give bigger rewards. There is no reason getting to level 64 should only give you around 500 gold. and also there should also be some more skins. but in summary for the amount of time the game has been out i think it is very well developed and cant wait for the future

  20. John, I don't think we can pull this off.

  21. Hi im the the most boring comment and is there somthing worng? Tell me (there is 3 wrong thing in this comment)


  23. John please add a rejoin button like tds does so that I can rejoin a match after lagging out pls

  24. bro was NOT joking when he said he'd say he would add xmas nightmare..

  25. John you did an absolutely great job! This game is fantastic and is so much fun! I can't wait for the next updates! Until then, happy new years eve!

  26. About the event difficulty, i dont think people should be mad about it, if its the "nightmare version" of the event, i think its fair

  27. I want to have ptsd when doing nightmare event

  28. John, I’ve been watching your channel since the early days of tds. I’ve never been more excited for the future of a game in my life. You’ve nailed the formula.

  29. I see the troll coming with Multiplier X, maybe two or several Eradicator. And if you're reading this, please do Monster unit, he is so badass

  30. Hey Jhon what happened to the warship is it almost ready or we need to wait a few momths?

  31. Will be a reward for beating exo santa hardmode?

  32. John can you add a skibidi toilet tower and make it steal games and make them so watered down that they are identical but the games operate horribly and the zombies die from how horrible the game is

  33. I have a cool gamemode idea wich can give more of the story.
    I think after nightmare is done and released we Will have a special car elevator at the big lobby with the leaderboards.(or just in the begin elevator place)
    There can 6 players go in instead of 4 and it Will be called: The end chapter 1 ( chapter 1 so that there can be more content of modes)
    There Will be very strong enemies and on wave 20 we get a cloned (normal) plague doctor wich got cloned in the lab. On wave 30 a cloned eradicator ( also cloned in a lab) then after wave 30 new enemies come like the multiplier X wich can clone things like monsters alot.
    On wave 40 you get robotic plague doctor and robotic eradicator( revive plague doctor but a robot version wich also is with eradicator MK2)
    On wave 35-40 A new enemie wich was fought in TB Will come called: The Slimed. It is just like the enemie in Tb so I wont talk too much but its immune 80% to freeze and its little slimes give no cash.
    On wave 45 the boss from nightmare Will come along side another cloned plague doctor and eradicator.
    Then… on the final wave 50 the final boss Will spawn called: Revived Void!
    Hé spawns along side a robotic eradicator and a nightmare boss.
    Hé has Some very strong attacks like a laser beam from where ever you Guys want. That can deal 600 damage and weakens the towers with all debuffs combined.
    Hé has 250000-400000 health.
    An wave with deadly enemies that will kill you.
    The mode would give things like 1000-12000 exp and 1400 cash. You need to be level 25 to join the elevator.
    I hope this can help a bit with game modes. If you John liked what I say here and think about I can help another time with game modes.

    Ok bye.

  34. Your game is amazing so keep up the good work and update the game more!

  35. I feel like a cool new mode would be like a roguelike tower defense, I have never seen something like it before but would be amazing, so it starts you off with ranger in easy mode and every 10 waves you get an upgrade, and every game mode beat you get to pick a tower.

  36. It isn’t easy in solo tho. Yeah, super easy with 3+ players, but basically require a strat for solo. This mode will prob be impossible solo, which kinda sucks :(.

  37. im wondering how many hours im gona have to put in to this mess of a mode now 😀

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