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What is the WORST tower in TDS? | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox)

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  1. The reason why its so expensive is bc the ability back them

  2. A guy with a Literal bazooka has less DPS than a guy with some paintball gun

  3. Sniper is great to kill mega slow in hardcore just set the target to strongest and it can kill mega slow

  4. I really miss old freezer, it helped me defeat the sword master and get gladiator.

  5. Actually if there is like 4 or 6 sledgers, they are really doing hella good damage. Also freezing enemies. These 6 guys can kill like 4 tanks at a time!

  6. The worst tower in the game is probably the mortar
    you need to be level 75 and it does crap dps
    even a paintballer which costs 350 is better than mortar

  7. Ain't no way that sledger is the worst Tower who lied to you 😑😑

  8. imagine s starter player who has pyro watched this video and wondered if pyro is bad 'its not'

  9. bro really put sledger at rank worst in thumbnail 💀

  10. Pyro after his buff: am i useful now?
    TDS Community: well….yes but….GOLDEN

  11. Sniper is a very useful tower it has tons of damage for the early game, if u upgrade it enough it does like 20 damage to the abnormal boss and for it’s cheap price of 300 u could place 2

  12. I like how you put sledger on the thumbnail as the worst tower.

  13. Freezers are completely underated. They can stun enemies for up to 3ish seconds which gives a completely good amount of time to kill other enemies and fast enemies. Especially if you have about 5. They are basically a great support tower

  14. The sledger can freeze enemies so it gives more time to charge the laser

  15. if you're molten/golden crate grinder then pyro is not bad, like commander said "They might have lots of Health, but with enough FIRE(Pyro) power we can easily take em' down!"

  16. why is bro comparing a lvl 0 tower to a max accel 💀💀

  17. Now in later updates, the sniper was buffed and it was much better than before, it can shoot faster and deal more damage. One time I was able to make it to wave 32 on molten mode with just scout and sniper (I died to slow bosses cuz they had too much hp).

  18. sniper is a starter tower and is can beat molten boss

  19. Dude chill on the sniper, its a beginner tower

  20. What freezer and paint baller are bad🤣

  21. so i think that freezer is good because when i was doing badlands the people began to say: the freezers saving us.

  22. Elite when a tower not meant for fallen mode is trash on fallen mode >:(

  23. 2 towers are outdated I’ll let you guess

  24. YES rocketeer got revenge on you and now hes good hahaha

  25. paint ball it good for new players

  26. ngl that not how you use frezzer if you spam them then can freeze like crazy

  27. In my opinion, now and even when this vid was made, paintballer was a good early tower. Suprisingly good radius, okay damage for early, and good firerate and range on later levels

  28. paintballer is actually better then regular scout. they do the same dps but paint baller has splash dmg

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