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What is the LEAST logical thing in TDS..?

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  1. I mean there is some logic in the game like militant has to reload

  2. Accelerator has a movement radar in his range so he can hit hiddens on lvl0

  3. How to get good in tower delay simp-mulator: Play molten mode when you are starting after you got 2,500 coins buy ace pilot or shotgunner then grind more in molten and save for farm then grind for minigunnner after you get mini grind for commander on molten after you get commander save for ranger after that save for dj grind molten to get to lvl 50 buy mili base unequip all your towers and equip ace and mili base play hardcore use ace strat wach it on youtube and get 2,500 gems buy accelerator using 2,500 gems and play fallen for first time with people with good tower win fallen and solo fallen with mini, ranger, farm, comannder, dj and grind for golden crate which cost 50k coins once you get golden crate open it in you inventory and enjoy your golden pyro which is the worst golden skin best golden skin is mini gunner thats it also play event after you got event tower quit tds and wait 1000000000000000000 years for next update tank you

  4. For shadow it makes a animation of a quick but shadows are alower os maybe its the shadow of quick maybe???? Idk
    Edit:tds is a aimulation nothing is real A

  5. Oh yeah one of the reasons why i quit tds and start playing tower blitz

  6. Accelerator HD have a explanation,the gun shoots out of nowhere but the tower doesn’t know that he is shooting something

  7. The mark 5 and the balloon enemy makes sense right?

  8. I just think accelarator is a cyborg and that's why he can see hiddens at lvl 0

  9. Ranger, Commando is prob have that gear to look at long range, not to detect hidden

  10. I think the mil base died instantly from the balloons cus the game is programmed that balloons can’t take damage while flying I think. That’s why they die. The thing is how does mil base hit it? Only while going up the bridge since the front is facing up, you can see the mil base doesn’t hit the balloons if not there.

  11. something dosent make sense cuz at the end of the vid the ace drops a bomb on top of the mil base and the mil base is completly fine and in hardcore stuff magicly gets more expensiv and that umbra shoots one arrow into the sky and then there is like 6 and when below nerfs towers the tower magiclly gets worse then it was for example look at the ranger it got nerfed and its magiclly gets a change of its look and it magiclly gets worse

  12. hey tony call the tony nade for some bugs

  13. hey elite i saw ur avatar and ur a furry wut r u even doing rn A TROLL VID??? still gonan unsub

  14. Elites explanation of hidden detection being on some towers and not others makes me want to cry.

  15. explain
    how can the toxic gunner-a tower using a type of chemical that look like something that can melt stuffs(this is not real,but irl,this CAN happen) cant melt anything

  16. maybe shadows are literally the shadow of the hidden enemy

  17. Some One ecplain this how tower shoot trough wall?!?!!

  18. not really a fan of this guy’s content but happy birthday elite

  19. Th8ng that aren’t logic in my opinion you know the mini gunner he has his mini g7n up when he doesn’t shoot but he can’t detect flying zombies WhAt?

    Edit: and bro did you ever watch the cars from the millitary base when they turn an direction the wheel is at the end you know what I mean and still it doesn’t even though the grass

  20. “They choose not to attack hiddens” uhhh, I’m sorry, that’s not reseonable, and it just makes worse logic.you have the worse explanations. (I don’t know why there is a link, I dunno what it is so don’t click it.)

  21. I have an explanation for the balloons , since they are in the air they sneak attack the units, that’s why they insta kill them instantly because sneaky.

  22. The Balloon logic use the Balloon Zombie logic Of PvZ (Plants V.S Zombies)

  23. The explaxtion for hiden detection is actually that rember u said " they are trance parent " so the accel and glad can see them with good eye sight and ranger and commando they have gear but maybe there gear isnt that high tec that they cant see hiddens and there eye sight is bad so there.

  24. Good Ending: Balloon glitch wont work anymore to hit Military Base

    Edit: i saw in the screen

  25. If anyone Wants to Know where to get Arcade Farm It's Deluxe Crate so E

  26. Elite, Retro tds revamp update is tomorrow and Area 51 event getting add with sfoth event too. You should check it out soon

  27. Another completely illogical thing in tds is the fact that there is this plastic biplane that can fly for an eternity.

  28. I got an excplaination on why the Military Base drivers just driveninto enemys and die. And not care. They used to be Japaniese Kamikazi Pilots in WW2

  29. I don’t understand why the tower defense community makes such a big deal about this logic stuff, it’s a video game not real life

  30. Remember Gladiator hidden detec upgrade is dangersense? It mean he detec Hidden by sense

  31. The hidden thing is probley just that the tech Lets Then not see so good

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