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What is the LEAST logical thing in TDS..?

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  1. the ballons don't use hydrogen or helium but void (absence of matter)

  2. the first plane's levels is a biplane so it's speed is very low (slowest stall speed of a plane ever is 108KPH) and the highest plane level is probably a vtol (Vertical Take Off and Landing)

  3. listen.. accel has very good eyes and glad is afraid of ghosts so he swings to kill them because they are like a ghost to towers that cant see

  4. i need accel but im lazy to grind and have 1 bobuk

  5. The least logical thing in tds is commandos nerf

  6. do u realize that not all glasses have hidden detection? same for high tech gear. might not have it bulit in

  7. Wait, why the player (you who is playing a match) see the hiddens without gear tho?
    I think it will be a better experience if below put something called Night Vision goggles , that when you press E or Q in your keyboard (a goggle button for mobile) you wear a nv goggle to see hiddens.
    And when you dont have it equipped, you cant see hiddens. i would like that!

  8. Why people always talking about the logic in TDS ITS A GAME

  9. my explanation:
    hidden thing:
    ranger's and commando's gear is just dont have thing to detect hidden, accel gun is auto so it can shoot hiddens, certain lvl of glad, he can just sense the hiddens like in its upgrade title
    balloon (both):
    there's a special type of air that is extremely light and can float the enemy, and also one hit the vehicles on tap
    The plane:
    the world is just tiny and u r a giant so that speed is enough to fly
    Boss stomps:
    The floor is invincible (really tough)
    The ghost
    An illusion? I think it can be something you see and not a real thing
    Mil base:
    They sacrifice theselves to help you, or they got tricked
    Of course it can be all wrong and but it kinda make sense (also if my grammar is wrong then dont complain)

  10. idk if this has been addressed yet, but what exactly are the bosses? I mean yeah the normal bosses and slow bosses in normal and molten are just bigger zombies but what about bosses like the molten boss? Or the fallen king?? Or Umbra, Frost Spirit and so on… If they are just zombies as well, why can umbra talk? And why do they have enough intelligence to use a sword to somehow summon lightning?? or use a scythe to summon globs of solid lava that comes out of the ground?? And where are the sources of the zombies??? Shouldn't they be extinct by how many people play TDS? Ik its just a game im just asking questions that shouldn't need to make sense. I'm sorry.

  11. OriginalName123VeryCoolGuysAmIRightYesItIsVeryLong says:

    answer: it's Roblox, get over it lol

  12. Me: mil car is kamikaze pilot but driving a car

  13. [Teacher]: Money doesn't grow from trees

    [Roblox TDS]: Darling, you don't know what is not possible

  14. another logic:when we attack zombies we receive coins but how do we get them maybe we sell their meat?

  15. man, this videos are awesome. you should keep doing this types of videos. l like more these more that the other ones (in a nutshell videos). keep the good work

  16. 𝙗𝙚𝙚𝙯 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙗𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙤𝙣

  17. How come when the ace pilot drops a bomb on a vehicle its fine

  18. can u explain the pursuit and ace pilot can get stun please?

  19. Honetly, i think the fact that a human (the citizens from trick or threat) are stronger than a lvl 1-3 car

  20. Lead can fly, the zeppelin is mostly made of metal, and uses hot air, because metal won’t melt from how hot the air inside the tank is. So metal, hot air Ballons are possible, just not very efficient

  21. why do people matter so much about logic its just game i mean what???

  22. Explanation To Hidden Detection: Ranger And Commando Have No hidden detection since their high tech gear must have disabled and commandos helmet is clearly just a space helmet. for accelerator his beam can easily detect hiddens due to the fact accelerator was based off of ghostbusters meaning his beam follows enemies instead of him aiming and gladiator can detect them since one of his levels is "Blood Seeking" meaning he can seak blood back then that lvl made sense since his eyes turn red

  23. I think the balloons are very light creatures and can only do simple things like walk they have no fat and the only things carrying their legs are their bones due to their hollowness and lightness the bones are also brittle which explains why their hp is low

  24. AWWW RIGHT THE STUPID GLYPID GOT OVER TO THE BET-C AND MADE IT RUN AHHH | an ok comment even tho it has that never showed message

  25. the most illogical thing surely is cybernetic military grade missiles barely killing the weakest zombies

  26. i like to think that accelerator is from the void and we freed him after we defeated void reaver while stuck in the void he learned how to look and see accelerators without any special goggles

  27. Is definitely real like to car hit balloon I always saw that like 19 time

  28. maybe hiddens are ghosts and an accelerator is a medium 0-0

  29. And invisibles NOT having hidden makes no sense

  30. TDS would be really different if it was actually realistic. Also the mortar tower would be OP AF, because nukes are well… dangerous

  31. We’ll lead is super heavy and poisonous the lead balloons will die of poison and they will die cuz of the balloons will squish them see there that is the least logical

  32. How a bridge meant to handle humans and cars, doesnt crack under 100 times bigger void reaver?

  33. Best logic swat van have more strong THAN tank

  34. Wanna know what else doesn't make sense?

    How angry this guy gets when he receives 1 measly notification.

  35. Better Hidden Detection explanation:Ranger & Commando have faulty gear/the gear doesn't have that feature,while Acc & Glad have eye implants so they can see hiddens.
    Alternitive why Balloons fly explanations:1.The balloon is modified to carry them.2.The gravity is different.
    Lead Balloon's lead balloon could be made out of another material,but it looks like lead.
    The ground could just be TOUGH.
    "Ghosts aren't real."Or are they?
    Also the Ghosts could not be ghosts but look like ghosts.
    The Mil Base drivers…could be robots prisoners mentally ill infected ect.

  36. I think 1st of all, certain towers get affected by hiddens in some way to make them think they are just civilians walking on the path. 2nd of all, you were basing these all off of REAL PHYSICS when roblox has BLOCKY PHYSICS, a vital mistake.

  37. with the hd they can choose not to shoot at zombos bc we have hidden det bc we can see hiddens yet we probaly have no gear

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