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What i think on how to get the new Nametags! (Tower defense simulator)

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i think the yellow electric one is my fav

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  1. They need add solo hardcore name tag for give me biggest flex in tds😏

  2. I think the monney one is from VIP ngl

  3. 2:22 i think its probally the solar event nametags cuz well night 1 night 2 night 3 bosses like jaxe swamp momster umbra sim- i mean penumbra have those colors

  4. Lets hope they add nametags for OG stuff like for example summer 2019, halloween, xmas, glad, etc

  5. Badlands 2 name tag looks kinda cool for me

  6. Look at this nub a have a cool name tag then the nub will start crying

  7. pretty sure the glitched name tag is meant to be an admin, i’ve seen one in my server before and they had that exact name tag

  8. The waffle house has spoken. Phase-2 iniciated

  9. i think that you get the gold one by buying a gold crate

  10. can i ask in the video there is hardcore gameplay and the guy just upgraded towers without touching not in mobile so what is the hotkey for upgrade

  11. Hidden wave will probably not return
    Instead the glitched name tag is for hardcore mode

  12. i spent 70k robuc so i should get that p2w nametag

  13. 0:18 actually, thats just the developer tag because you can see the tiny developer icon at the top of the name tag :nerd:

  14. Wikia already guessed 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  15. the orange one or maybe say molten tag is my fav and cool tag

  16. Don't think any gamemode give out tags easily, I think you need to speedrun the mode for it

  17. They should have one for hardcore mode bc I won

  18. I think the green electric one you get it from beating polluted wastelands 2 or smth

  19. I saw a admin have a glitched one

  20. I think the ones you said for gravedigger and pw2 are switched, as the darker green and skull effects fit gravdigger alot more, and the brighter green with lightning represents the nuclear monster better

  21. i want i name tag for having 129 pvp win pls nelowwww

  22. 2:55 in reality everyone will probably wont even pay attention to it
    and once i thought about it maybe glitched nametag might be optained by beating the lost souls after all the skin you get from it is purple guy and purple guy is pretty related to glitches. one of his form is literally called glitchtrap after all

  23. 0:57 prob wrong bc polluted wastelands would be a bit cooler i think with eletric radiation so this would be gravedigger

  24. 2:05 i think this tag have to obtained by getting all golden skin cuz the tag look like gold with lightning

  25. 2:25 Probably it's from the V.I.P name tag, since the devs say that Vips will get an exclusive name tag.

  26. If you already beaten molten does it give you the tag automatically?

  27. Imagine the money effect for the content creater Damoney

  28. Guys I completed all the normal modes Aka normal molten and fallen but I didn’t get any title is there something wrong?

  29. green is probably pw2 tho, the one you thought with the skull is normal mode I THINK

  30. Turns out the boss tags are p2w from plushies

  31. They are actually for buying the boss plushies coming soon

  32. The gamemode nametags you need to buy the plushies for unfortunately.

  33. it was from the plushies at the end💀💀💀💀

  34. Bro its plushie , cant get if beat mode
    I beat all dint get any nametags

    ~1000coins will try accept
    ~5000coins hard to accept
    ~Gems cant try accept

  35. Little did these people know that the released ones are from preordering plushies…

  36. The worst thing is that you have to buy plushies for some of them

  37. Little did he know in 1:29 you would get the name tag if you beat hidden wave

  38. I beated molten like 100 times now and I still didint got the name tag sadly😭

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