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What Every Tower is Best and Worst at! | Tower defense simulator (ROBLOX)

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  1. I know this is not related to the video at all but the second song gave me Zodiac vibes.

  2. I did solo molten mode with medic farm minigunner commander and dj

  3. Hold up, i have never seen a sledger speednrun

  4. If we compare the max level rocketeer to the max level militant and assume the rocketeer is hitting 5 enemies at a time, the rocketeer will do 0.5 more dps than the militant. The rocketeer is also around 1000 bucks cheaper. But since we're comparing the 2 towers in late game, militant is still better when you consider bosses.

  5. sledger is super underrated for mid game with randoms b/c you can basically carry them to wave 34 if you get 6 of them level 4, they permastun just about anything letting your teammates kill them even with underleveled towers

  6. I think crook boss is good mid-late game. During mid and late game you have a lot of money to upgrade the crook boss to max. The max crook boss is cracked at fortnite, and his minions do loads of dmg too.

  7. I will prove that freezer is good when comboed with a splash tower

  8. elite said pyro speeds up enemies when it doesnt do it anymore

  9. Pyro have bug tho it not speeding up the enemies

  10. Commando doesn't nessasarily have an adequate strength haha. It's more expensive than minigunner but has less DPS.

    G-Crook Boss and G-Cowboy do just fine in late-game aside for the final boss, contrary to their normal counterparts.

    Lead Balloons are the engineer's main weakness (and lead enemies in general). Minigunner's weakness could be flying and lead enemies.

  11. Commando: can literally get a probably super expensive golden suit at max lvl
    Also commando: (wave 13) where enemy??

  12. My luckiest run was with mil base in 2020 when a hidden boss was like inside the exit but a tank spawned right at that moment so it died

  13. Wait pyro still speeds up enemies? I thought that was entirely removed

  14. I dont think pursuit is too bad since accel also lets enemies get by, yes, when on first targeting accel does kill enemies that are first in line but if it meets a giant boss and that is first in line, it will attack the giant boss until its dead and let other enemies get by, now, accel isn’t effected by this because of its massive dps it usually kills the enemy before anything gets by, but pursuit is just accel but less dps.

  15. Fun fact sledger can hit hidden enemies if there is a zombie close near it

  16. Pyromancer speed up is REMOVED, I thought everyone knew that already….

  17. accelerator is not good with targeting, but it’s even worse at dealing with fast enemies since it takes hours to load, and also sledger would be good with bosses, just not big bosses, since it has the ability to freeze enemies along with its high amounts of damage, plus it only takes about 1 second to swing, making it harder for enemies to get away.

  18. I think Acce would have 2 worsts: 1- the targeting and 2- fast enemies

  19. so i think toxic gunner is broken because when i use it, it does not shoot for some reason

  20. Elite: pyro also speeds enemies
    Me: reeeeeeee
    For context the pyro doesn't speed enemies anymore, changed in quality of like update
    Also freezer and pyro, and electroshocker, all MELT defense and that helps with things like fallen guardian

  21. "cowboy isn't that strong in late game"

    Frost 2021 cowboy spam: am i a joke to you?

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  23. Sniper may be worst at late game but I won solo with alot of sniper's and alot of minigunner's

  24. elite idk what u just said at 7:08 but sledger shreds every boss but the final one

  25. Golden Pyromancer is VERY OP for fallen late game cuz it can lower the defense of Fallen guard

  26. The outlaw Nerf was huge cuz it's hidden detection was rlly good cuz it had it from lv 0 but now it doesnt 😭

  27. One Trick I do, Is place 4 Farms, That way I could save 4 more slots and the rest of slot placements, I would recommend giving the trick a try.
    Level 1 4 farms = 400 dollars
    Level 2= 1000
    Level 3= 2000
    Level 4= 3000
    Level 5= 6000

  28. for me freezer its good for slow anemy,use it at late and use it like 3 or higher,cus its good

  29. Dude i just use soldier to win molten mode and i won

  30. toxic gunner is good for the last wave in hc cause you can make void reaper get gltiched

  31. poor elite tds isnt getting updates aka tower delay simulator
    so hes doing the best he can rain likes to this poor guy!

  32. Hello elite it's my birthday now and all I want you to say happy birthday

  33. Why cant tds put egirls that will revive it for sure

  34. I don’t think elite likes tds anymore,he should not play it if he don’t like it

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