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We made “Pay To WIN” Accounts in Toilet Tower Defense!

Doodle and Arkey
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We made “Pay To WIN” Accounts in Toilet Tower Defense!

Today, we play on BRAND NEW ACCOUNTS Loaded with Robux, Gems, and COINS to see if we can BEAT Toilet tower defense endless mode!

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  1. Guys pls give me exactly 69likes then I will edit it to " You will never know how this exactly got 69 likes " Only gimme plsss

  2. This comment won't get 69 likes and I liked my own comment😢

  3. Can anyone send me some units. I am new and need to complete the dare

    Username: IProbbccdd
    Those who helped me in my dare i will have a surprise for them

  4. Please give me a Santa tv man please name is Kartikk_540

  5. Skibidi skibidi skibidi skibidi skibidi

  6. Do you love them
    Doodle mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. Pls check the friend request add ww90w1

  8. Day 23 of asking doodle for hyper is my dream unit username Nicodim3301

  9. ayo why is my acc in the endless leaderboard? wha–?

  10. This comment can't get 69 𝕃𝕚𝕜𝕖𝕤

  11. doodle be like: lets get hyper from 1-crate bc i am recording.

  12. Doodle and arkey can you give me some units hyper please please please im big fan post office and my name is mark44088

  13. Day 43 of asking for free units Username: mr_wolfikfake

  14. I like Toilet Tower Defense, please do more video I like this game But I have to pay too much moneyyy to win

  15. Doodle and arkey can you give me a green laser please please mark44088 please post office

  16. Bro doodle mom Chat arkey though and he was gonna date him tonight doodle would Sounds

  17. Day 10000000000 of asking fot hyper and 50k gems

  18. Can I have 20k or 10k robux I'm he biggest fan:(

  19. Doodle and Arkey can you please give me a good unit because I got scammed for a turkey crate I thought that it’s red but it isn’t that rare so please give a unit my name is Marekrockstar

  20. can i please have hyper i have been sub for 1 year now and its my dream my is thyreepech1 just send it to me please

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