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Warden vs Gladiator | Tower Defense Simulator | ROBLOX

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Music: (Official) Tower Defense Simulator OST – Wox The Fox Theme
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Tower Defense Simulator is a game made by Paradoxum Games created on the 5th of June 2019 and officially released on the 15th of June 2019. It involves players teaming up with one another to fighting waves of different enemies until they either are overrun or triumph that particular map. Players gain cash by damaging enemies and from wave bonuses, which can subsequently be invested in buying new towers or upgrading existing ones. Once players are defeated or triumph, they gain EXP, which is used to level up, and Coins or Hardcore Gems, which can be used to purchase new towers, emotes or skins.


  1. Warden and glad are same strong

  2. For crowd control, gladiator is better while for bosses warden is

  3. ̶e̶n̶f̶o̶r̶c̶e̶r̶ warden is great for bosses while gladiator is good for crowd control so they are good at different things

  4. warden It's very good for me to new player now that I only have farm and commander You don't need a DJ.can win mode molten

  5. Gladiator vs Warden? They both are like a same And Warden is abit short Range but high damage Is Still obtained And Gladiator is good early defense and yeah They almost the same

  6. Paran defendiendo al Warden porque pocos tienen el gladiador xd

  7. Man seems great to have purple guy skin(tears in the inside cause myself does not have it)

  8. If I had to say it, Warden is better for stalling mini bosses while still having a good dps, but enemies that are energy resistant or are bosses are not affected by its stun (im pretty sure they’re slowed down though) and at the same time warden cannot deal with hordes.

    Gladiator is more for hordes of enemies and is cheaper for early game and good at early-mid game but falls off usually at late game without other towers.

    Slasher nobody talks about, but I’ll talk about him. He was usually used for his insane dps in the earlier stages of TDS but after the rework, his damage isn’t really good anymore, and he still does more damage at placement than gladiator at level 0.

    Sledger is also good at stalling enemies but has a slower cooldown and smaller damage and its placement limit is not that big.

    After all, the tower all have their pros and cons, but warden pretty much outclasses them all except for gladiator which is more of a horde-control unit.

  9. when you farm for glad, you should try getting a level 4 so its a reliable defense until you get more farms

  10. When i realize u get a warden a job that di prison job when u beat a pizzaria

  11. Warden is basically gladiator with an electric sword gear

  12. how about "only melee towers with supports"? i am quite interested into that stuff

  13. Looks like gladiator wins because warden match was 189/220 hp and gladiator match was 220/220 hp. Maybe it just depends who lasted longer which means it’s a tie.

  14. Both good in their own ways lmao

  15. I remeber when 1 year ago he said "I want glad so bad rn" to his friend now he finally has hes own gladiator!

  16. Wait it killed molten faster than Accel ok u may argue but Accel has a plament limit but a tower that's made to beat all enmmies and Grindy alomst got beat by 4k coins tower and one mode

  17. What's better sled or gladiator not includeimg the placement. Limit hosntely sled doesnt need one how comes warden a better tower than sled not have a placement then a 1m hp frost event it was so hard for me to get that tower

  18. Warden
    Can block stun
    Stun enemies
    Great damage
    Slow bosses
    Great for early and late
    High attack speed

    Can only attack one enemy
    Almost hard to get

    Great damage
    Have splash damage
    High attack speed
    Great for early and late
    Can Speedrun molten

    Warden almost better than gladiator
    Can't block stun

  19. Gladiator vs warden in damage- WARDEN WIN
    Gladiator vs warden in fast fire- GLADIATOR WIN
    Gladiator and warden in kill faster enemys- GLADIATOR WIN (I GUESS)
    Gladiator vs warden in kill much hp enemys- WARDEN WIN
    For kill boss- warden win
    For early- gladiator win
    Cool skins- gladiator and warden win
    Range attack- warden win (Just use DJ and the warden will attack far away)
    I guess warden win

  20. Warden is better I think cuz the tower stun abuse like sledger and same damage as gladiator and sledger

  21. 8:17 bro went going circles💀💀💀💀💀💀

  22. Why do I always hear this stupid song everywhere I damn go this song plays.

  23. to be honest warden does alot of damadge and is fast but gladiator is kinda better because his abbility makes it more faster and he does 40dmg at max so yeah

  24. just give warden splash damage and glad is complete garbo

  25. Warden is a hard-damage tower, i mean, gladiator is fast, no heavy damage and splash, warden is mid-fast 0.8, STUNS ENEMYS and has stun protection.

  26. He spent so much time making this video just to help us so this deserves a like

  27. How do u have the circle border around ur troops, since I've got a square border around any troops that I place, just asking since the circle looks cleaner in my opinion.

  28. Ik im very late but i think gladiator is way better then warden first it has an ability second better at croud control third is cheaper fourth better at speedrunning and mutch more personnaly i think warden is kinda mid

  29. Warden 15 min and 15 seconds gladiator 13 mins and 16 seconds

  30. Glad got 13.5 min and warden got….15.15 glad win speed run round 1. glad killed molten boss at water…warden killed him almost at spawn warden wins round 2 round 3 dps warden dose 99.0 dps glad dose 78.0 or so dps…. the winner is warden!!!

  31. hey gazzyrazz, if you dont mind me asking, what editor do you use?

  32. Warden when hes max lvl: Boom Axe to the Neck! Boom Axe to the Jugular!

  33. The thing is glad is an event tower so maybe it is better than warden but I don't think its very good for new players who just joined the game

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