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Warcraft 3 X Tower Defense

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Stop the creeps from getting to the center. It is a team effort so work as a team!!!

Download X Tower Defense 5.01

Want to request a 4v4 RT / 1v1 Strategy or even a custom game?
You can do so @ Twitch.tv/wtii & Tip £13.37 to be credited & have your request fulfilled and posted as a Youtube Video!
Thanks for your support, much love, WTii ^~


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  1. my ocd when wtii places 4 rapids and 1 poison instead of 5 on multiple occassions

  2. I dont wanna be that guy but no they didnt get to attack at the end of round 30, so its most likely not impossible, this strategy will work

  3. Honestly any TD is lost the moment you have a leak, the lost gold is a falling domino setting the whole house of cards in motion to come crashing down.

    It's a mercy to have but one life rather than experience the slow death of always being one step behind due to even 1 missing gold.

    Unless there's greed involved. If lives must be lost in pursuit of greater and greater income you must make sacrifices in order to snowball your way to absolute victory. It is the way.

  4. 2nd to last round: Tanks two rounds of mass super AA towers. Leaks by about 40 – 50%.
    Final Boss: Dies to an afk player that just leaves their AA towers at the end of the lane and is sitting on 1370 gold


  5. this isnt how u win tho. u gotta gfollow build order. frost first, then u lvl ground, have one rapid. frost and cannon should be getting most of the kills. this is aharder way lol

  6. reducing the refund on sold towers would be a better way to increase difficulty on this map. Oh well, gg!

  7. We won i dont care what anyone says. WE WON!!!!!!!

  8. Ah… I really love it when Wtii's OCD is triggered 😂

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