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Warcraft 3 Reforged Blizzard Tower Defense

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The most hardened criminals in the universe are held here, in a jail devised by those that would rather never see such vile creatures set free


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  1. LOLOLOLOLOL Blizzard didn't even bother to remove the color tint LMAO

  2. What if you place all the deathtowers on a vertical line and put your warstomptowers more throughout the course? For 37? And then use hero to attack the ones in the back so they catch up to the others and before the slow projectiles hit you warstomp so that a big group gets stunned and gunned down while not phasing forward?

  3. this is fake footage. its not a complete lag fest, like it usually is.

  4. Number of Wtii Snake Impressions in this episode: 2

    As Wtii seemingly makes this a thing, and as that's the main reason for watching his videos, I should probably copy Jet Ereksen and list the snake impressions here. =)

  5. Are you playing just warcraft 3 24/7?? that's what i'm called a legendary gamer.

  6. Ugh. Fun map but it was awful to watch this in Reforged graphics.

  7. "Maybe reforged isnt so bad." I must agree. Haha

  8. well i like reforged to be honest… i dont get why people are mad.. i guess there might be bugs but other than that the graphical part is allright and they still kept the way you play normal warcraft….i like it….

  9. Is there a better thing in this world than Wtii doing his snapdragon impersonation ?

  10. Cenarius: i protect the forests
    Also cenarius: summons a fire elemental
    Malfurion: Master! The forest is on fire!!!
    Cenarius: i know, this is fine

  11. I actually really like reforged graphics, always have. But nice graphics don't have the needed clarity.

  12. I can’t believe wtii didn’t realize that jaina’s ult can chop trees as well until 50 min into the game lmao

  13. Imagine not commenting "pooooo pooooo poooo"

    Yep I'm pretty funny

  14. "Maybe reforged wasn't so bad."
    Zoomed in on Naga sirens

  15. And you're not using it. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE subscription

  16. 32:23 "this is the executioner, she have a lot of talents" that killed me xD

  17. This man looks like that feminist from that picture with the crazy eyes.

  18. Damn, I wished that Reforged would get the No Man Sky's redemption arc treatment!

  19. looks like shit and a waste of human life

  20. If i didn't made it to to 1:10:20 i wouldn't subscribe, funny enough i thought i have u subbed since years

  21. Slightly triggering that he sold items his hero towers can use.

  22. im a big noob, why do i always start with 10k gold when i launch this map?

  23. So I just downloaded Warcraft 3 reforged, how am I able to download reign of chaos and the frozen throne? I have the license keys as I had these games years ago, so how am I able to download them to play them? Or can I play all the Td games with Warcraft 3 reforged?

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