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Warcraft 3 – Blixels Tower Defense

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Produced by Rich “WTii” Langley
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Game: Warcraft 3 (The Frozen Throne)
Media: Gameplay Commentary
Version: 1.27
Mode: Multiplayer
Platform: PC
Genres: Real-time Strategy, Fantasy
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  1. deathknight22 had a very nice way to play this game, it helped him become one of the last three, but the ai is just dumb. This map doesn't look to be anything worth playing besides looking at how TD's have evolved. We have come a long way, from this horrible mess to TD's that are good.

  2. Toda mi puta vida, Jugando warcraft 3 Mapas Custom , Eres excelente jugador men En cerio, Sigue con ese canal tienes una Buena audiencia , Dios te ayude

  3. Current state of Wtii`s channel: How to build mazes with wtii

  4. "This is just the TIP it gets worse. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" – Wtii 2017

    53:1053:33 just listen dont look at the video XD

  5. "UH UH UHH, UH UH UHHHH, UHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!" best sub sound effect I have ever heard/seen

  6. You should try a game called Zombie Hunter 3. It's very good game for me at least……in that game you should Be careful your hero HP is only 1.

  7. Just a thought but, if this is a RoC map, are you playing it in RoC or frozen throne? All the mobs seem to have heavy armor and in RoC they take extra damage from pierce, Where as in frozen throne that isn't the case. Could that be why it feels more difficult then it did? Only about 18 mins in so maybe this is brought up.

  8. wtii I suggest to go humans with arhmage and mass sorceress with polymorph
    I believe it will be fun to watch!!
    love your videos

  9. I'm 24 seconds in and I haven't heard "Well there it is". Who is this person uploading to wtii's channel?

  10. Thanks for playing this through WTii. much appreciated!

  11. Dixels TD I believe is the map where the creeps are stronger the further up the lane you build

  12. You could probably juggle the creeps by having two routes in your maze: block one of the paths when the creeps get there, thus forcing them to try to walk the other route, then once they get to the other ending, you block that and cancel the first block, making them walk back on themselves once again, rinse and repeat. If you were committed enough, that is. It would take forever, but it might be doable.

  13. haha ^^' He has the 'victory'' in vs, but not when you defeat the last boss xD

  14. I used to play this and all the other Reign of Chaos TDs in 2003-2007. Rarely made it far in any of them.

  15. "i think you need 2 gaps in this one" has a whole line of half gap

  16. The TD you are thinking about is Dixels TD.

  17. 53:15 that's what i say to all the girls mate.

    53:45 what are you doing mate, this is tooooo much !!! 3 thick now, she's loving it.

  18. The best defend of this map is to make 2 way block 1 of them for tower If you gonna lose build 1 in the end and remove the blocking in the other way… then it will turn back! If you gonna lose do it again… It's life hack!

  19. Ну и страшное ебало у чела

  20. Where's the acid tower??!!
    Edit: Oh there is it

  21. I'm not sure but I think acid tower was the way to go on this one actually. All these towers had piercing dmg, while acid has normal, should do more dmg compared to others.Also, totally remmember playing this one back in the day.

  22. It feels wrong to love the thing of the world ,thus is wrong.

  23. This is probably the most insane TD Ive seen 😀

  24. been ages since i played this map,loved it always, still do apparently xD

  25. pretty sure this td is from before the armor revamp and thats why it used to be easier.

  26. I remember playing this! Thanks for the memories. Always failed at the air levels

  27. This is just basic. . .u just need a good maze and most important thing is not to blocked the creep. . .thats all😆😆😆

  28. arrow tower is the weak
    should build more strong fast offensive…tower

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