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Warcraft 2 Tower Defense! (Full Playthrough)

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Full playthrough of “Edo defence”, the first ever real tower defense map for Warcraft 2!

Warcraft II Widescreen / High resolution patch:
Edo defence map download:


  1. After Blizzard fail miserably with reforging Warcraft 3 to Reforged, community charged up their time-machine and started to reforge Warcraft 3 to the golden age of Warcraft 2.

  2. Давай башеная защита из бункеров, плеточников и фотонных пушек из ST1 в мире варкрафт

  3. Triggers in Warcraft 2?! What is this black magic. I didn’t know this was possible

  4. That’s something I never thought I would ever see!

  5. Love the nostalgia trips Stu's videos give me haha

  6. This is the first time I'm seeing this "Two-Headed Ogre Mode". Is this what I think it is? Is that a way for two people to play the same color? If so, how do I get this and where is it? Cause I would absolutely love to do something like that with a friend.

  7. The fact that Warcraft 2 can be modded to this extent is really impressive. Both the game script AND the modders

  8. Interested to know how the mod was done. Was the game binary disassembled? modern disassembler tools are very good (Ghidra)

  9. I played a tower defence mod for Warcraft II in the late 90's.
    It took you over 20 years for you to find one🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. This is how games live forever: If they're modifiable

  11. At this rate we're going to get Warcraft 2 DotA soon

  12. How is it possible to customise WC2? I suspect there is nothing like an API or plug-in/extensibility system. I’m just curious how it is done

  13. I´m so confused. How are there triggers? Is this made with some custom map editor? If it is, I want one too!

  14. let's hope that the abomination that's parading blizzard's corpse right now will leave this gem alone after they killed on Warcraft III

  15. better than a ps5 !!!!!!!!!

    bro this is out of this world

  16. this only work with human, or does orc also have scripts?

  17. So this is where Garithos got his ideas in the blood elf bonus mission.

  18. I wonder if it’s possible to mod the game to the extent that you could balance both races without having nearly identical units? Or change exorcism to a spell that is like bloodlust, but it reduces damage done to the target by half for a duration equal to that of bloodlust, and have heal be autocasted. That would make Paladins MUCH better and you gotta admit, Paladins are severely underpowered compared to Ogre Mages.

  19. Urkanian defense against Russia's rush:)

  20. Keep the Warcraft 2 videos going! This is by far the most nostalgiac game for me. A second hand computer I had as a kid had a pirated copy of this game before it was out and I've been in love with it ever since.

  21. The magnitude of hacks is unbelievable here.
    Developer specified that sending gold to pink player could break the game — because gold amount is a variable that stores the wave number. So there is no other way to store this value in game. Building anything with these rules is a great achievement. Thanks for showing us this, Stu!

  22. Is this a base game speed? All moving super quick

  23. I used to love hearing that beep before matches

  24. What kind of editor do you use? I have puddraft with two plugins.

  25. Can do you orc heroes vs human heroes and see who wins?

  26. I always loved Warcraft 2, and i was good in it. My special ability was, to find always the best trainers and cheat tools XD

  27. How do you do triggers for WC2?! I need to know!

  28. I'm 36. I was too young to experience warcraft 2 back in 1996 (was more of a console player) then Starcraft released and I played it for thousands of hours to this day: growing older, I so wish to have experienced War 2 back during release cuz it has SUPERB atmosphere. Nevertheless, I played 40 hours of this game on gog.
    Congratz on speedrunning it !

  29. Stu you are sweet and you deserve KISS and LOVE

  30. You can train heroes in town hall? Shout out to the ones who made it possible this map is super cool!

  31. 8:55 Random Paladin "Wait, WHY AM I DOING THIS?! I gotta get out of…uughhhhhh!"

  32. The look, feel, and sound of Warcraft 2 will always make it one of my favorite games!

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