Using ONLY Ground Units (Wave 60+) in All Star Tower Defense (Roblox) -

Using ONLY Ground Units (Wave 60+) in All Star Tower Defense (Roblox)

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Music 1 :
Song: Gotoubun no Katachi
Anime: Gotoubun no Hanayome∬

Original Artist: Nakano-ke no Itsutsugo
Arranged by: zzz
Music 2 :
Song: Kaikai Kitan
Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Original Artist: Eve
Arranged by: zzz
Music 3 :
Song: Iro Kousui
Anime: Horimiya

Original Artist: Kamiyama Yoh
Arranged by: Ben Playing


  1. BB(black beard) was mvp cause the slow but i dont count kira and erwin cause they are like support kira is more likely a guy with a skill

  2. what music is that i feel i have heard it before

  3. bro i think your the most powerful player in all star tower defense

  4. He used super buu and thats an air unit when he is at max

  5. Why don't you use nagato, her on the ground to :/

  6. Why I can hear Gotobun no hayanome op1

  7. Can you state what you did step by step please?
    Can you state at which wave you start placing troops / using light / waves to not skip
    I would appriciate it if you would tell me since it looks like a good solo gem farming strat

  8. u never can do this challenger:
    Only use bulmama to get wave 100
    (and this thing is pls give me a tip solo and get 250m damage without black beard 6 star)

  9. I expected the team to be a bunch of hybrid and clickable skill units but I guess not

  10. Bro super boo is a air unit and ground wdym

  11. UR SO PRO MAN, can we someday do a duo to infinite mode?, im big fan 😀

  12. The backsound music is from gotoubun no hanayomee

  13. Nagato would've been good for this challenge

  14. Bulma, Gojo, Buu, Blackbeard, Light, and Erwin. Money, timestop, anti-air, slowness, emergency botton, and buff.

  15. Plot twist: hes actually dmg farming xD

  16. yea because theres light yagami ts black beard slow lol and you tho watch tonikaku and rent a girlfrined?

  17. Bro u can do challenges and get 60+ me uses meta characters get to wave 52

  18. dude u know that meta knight is a ground unit right

  19. Wow it could've been wave 61/62 and my friend has all of thos units lvl 80 so imma tell him he can reach wave 1-61/62

  20. I have all these units I can get wave 60 plus yay

  21. Im still confused how this guy is level 87 but cant do four cycle erwin buff

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