Using Only FORGOTTEN UNITS in Toilet Tower Defense -

Using Only FORGOTTEN UNITS in Toilet Tower Defense

Doodle and Arkey
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Using Only FORGOTTEN UNITS in Toilet Tower Defense

Today, we play with the OG Forgotten units in Toilet Tower Defense Nightmare mode! Should we try this in Endless mode next?

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  1. Actually, a lot of fish burp a lot of fish actually burp, small fish, big fish medium fish

  2. Y’all should do a video finding out how far y’all can get in endless mode

  3. Doodle says no one uses mech cameraman anymore but I use him

  4. You should play with sunny and melon who’s me guys

  5. I thought Pumpkin farmer and Titan cinemaman is not forgotten unit 😢

  6. Bro don't say 10 likes the YouTuber gets mad

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  8. Hello I love your videos. That's a very nice idea.

  9. That yellow is so bad hahahaha that blue is my favorite

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  13. 4:27

  14. Doodle is cap 🧢 secret agent is good for nightmare and endless mode

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  16. Dude the medic is very old but he is. Npt forgoten because he is a healing unit

  17. im use mech to win medium and now im not use it again

  18. I love how doodle get now caps ( STOP THE CAP MEME)

  19. Alguém que ganha muito mítico no toleit Tower defense sem scam

  20. Lol i just noticed today doodle has a pen at his ear😂

  21. 222 Bro I’m not gonna Kristin dust222

  22. 0:58 a̶r̶e̶k̶e̶y̶ w̶a̶n̶t̶s̶ t̶o̶ e̶a̶t҈ Y҈O҈u҈

  23. They are just like sunny and melon but with different colours and personalities

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