Using AI Robot to GLITCH 0.01% Crates in Toilet Tower Defense! -

Using AI Robot to GLITCH 0.01% Crates in Toilet Tower Defense!

Doodle and Arkey
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Using AI to GLITCH THE CRATES in Toilet Tower Defense!

Today, we open crates in Toilet Tower Defense with the help of ChatGPT!

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  1. Call, do you know an idiot? I’m kind of dead yet.

  2. Pls give me hyper user name is (PRO_AARAV1234) role play name is Foltynfamilyontop

  3. This is the funniest moment in hydraulic press

  4. I literally searched both of your names and I friended you and I’m 100% sure that those are you

  5. Arkey meaning:
    (According to the irs and doodle)

  6. Hi doodle and arkey I am planning to start a youtube channel can I get a hyper speaker Titan to IamSky71

  7. I liked my own comment and nowan will 😢

  8. can i have your hyper PLZZZZ in post office user rojonGwapo124

  9. Can you guys pls play doors again

  10. Let me tell you something my cousin account got hacked and he had u utcm

  11. 13:59 bro mad arkey because bro eat his chicken with lemon n get mad but think about the he prank arkey like 10-30 time but is it funny anyway

  12. 14:09what do you think i am a monster? look at you, you are a monster!

  13. Did anyone realize arkey forgot the hyper in the endless battle

  14. doodle can i have 1 hyper it would elp me in endless and i subs too!

  15. Day 44 of asking for free units Username :mr_wolfikfake

  16. I traded my 1809 gems for clockwoman, ghost cameraman, mace cameraman and future large clockman is it w or l. Pls tell it 🙁

  17. Hey?
    If you and the video don't need some good things but not the golden

  18. Ultimate titan klukman is way better and ultimate titan drillman's

  19. Why doodle is not placing the hyper

  20. U just opened 26 injure crate and get hyper but me with I'm poor I sell all my units just to get 44 injure crates and when I open them I got nothing why dos pleple get hyper so easy and for me is imposible to get😢

  21. Doodle he said bad stuff and you are better than arkey

  22. duddle i love yor vidios and arkey im your fan 😀

  23. how is doodle and arkey on pc if there in water

  24. I still like there YouTube but the chat gpt is in discord (still great video)❤❤🎉🎉😂😂

  25. doodle im new to the game can i have gems just 100please😢😢 im a bigest fan😅

  26. They should check out 5 night tower defens

  27. Can you make a new member like a jellyfish?

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