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Undertale Tower Defense – The End

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Undertale – Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap Happy Hardcore Remix
Artist – DeltaHedron

Glitchtale OST – Finale [2020 Remake]
Artist – NyxTheShield OFFICIAL


  1. uhm, well, i farmed it solo, and soloed many times, and here's the strategy i use :5 astigmatisms on the middle, separated in a lineAfter it, max all of them, and put 5 mad dummy's on the middle of each separationThen, max them too and put 5 knights in the back, and max too.Put a mettaton neo, RIGHT IN FRONT of omega flowey, at the start of the box, and level it up the max u canPut a mettaton ex if u want too.

  2. i am waiting for the tutorial of new home (endless mode) i wanna get asgore

  3. This is like tower defense simulator but undertale e

  4. It's so hard to get omega Flowey I got 6 soul but didn't got omega yet but good luck

  5. I have omega talking flower but i never grind for the soul to use it xd

  6. Yo if u didnt know asgore always died at end and every monster BEHIND him too kill the ones only ahead

  7. I can't for the life of me get any metatons from hotland.. I have the metaton ex evolution recipe from core but metaton regular won't drop, same with shyren from waterfall

  8. do u lose flowey souls when u use omega flowey?

  9. why do i feel like this is harder than all of normal route or genocide route maps i beaten alot of times

  10. Nice job soloing that I couldn’t even solo that at the level you were!

  11. Ive beaten the end 28 times, and I got all souls many times but not omega once. Im very sad 😢

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