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Undertale Tower Defense Beating Asgore in Reworked New Home

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  1. i used true determination to try to beat him cus i would have still been living after it and it didnt work maybe if i let one of the smaller enemys kill me while he there he would give me it

  2. I'm so lucky because I beated asgore today and u made the video today

  3. I always had a question and its why didnt any monsters think about injuring humans and stealing their souls in the war I think that would have made them win

  4. tbh asgore is pretty easy to get if u have a good map and good towers i beat him first try when i wanted to see this rework by myself

  5. I'm sick of it. I'm working on the 5th slot. New home keeps coming up;-;

  6. snas very useful def disables i if you max it you can give excessive dmg

  7. in undertale jement day add disblief papayrus phase 4

  8. WOW the map is so much smaller then before… Besides the air stuff which is now really cool that they have an entire new path

  9. hey do you have a soul grinding strat?

  10. Lol I defeated asgore using omega flowey.

  11. I swear that glyde at the end of the air waves is just a shiny glyde

  12. I think,now New Home not so good, u can’t use 100 power from all bosses on ur deck,,,,

  13. I have 3 asgores using flowey but I got them all from new rework

  14. Asgore in the end: dies to bean
    Asgore in new home: STRENGHT IN NUMBERS!!!

  15. Fun fact: if your an end game player, asgore is easier than before the update (at least for me)

  16. We did new home on squad and it was amazing we got asgore

  17. any tips for doing this whit bravery soul ? i can only get him down to 85k

  18. Why did we do replace snowdrake's mother into migospel its more usefel

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