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ULTIMATE beginner tips for The Tower – Idle Tower Defense, tricks and guide, game review

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ULTIMATE beginner tips for The Tower – Idle Tower Defense, tricks and guide, game review is a video on android gameplay, for an idle game, with beginner tips and a simple tutorial.
Lets hope that this beginner guide for The Tower – Idle Tower Defense Game will help you in your journey.

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The Tower – Idle Tower Defense mod apk Play Store:
Let me know if you enjoy this The Tower – Idle Tower Defense , and let us know if you think that The Tower – Idle Tower Defense is a good tower defense simulator.
In The Tower – Idle Tower Defenses Game you will give you the chance to make money by leveling up your facilities. This video will be a simple review for a simulator.
The Tower – Idle Tower Defense Game is an android game, that can be played horizontal on you mobile phone.
This video with The Tower – Idle Tower Defense Game and gameplay, tutorial and guide is an android version for the gameplay of the game, so if you enjoy the video give The Tower – Idle Tower Defense a try.
In The Tower – Idle Tower Defense android Game you have the possibility to watch some adds in order for you to advance much faster in the game. Also in The Tower – Idle Tower Defense, you will be able to upgrade your crew in order to make more money. In The Tower – Idle Tower Defense you will need to watch some adds, but check put the video with the android gameplay, beginner tips and tricks and see what adds are more profitable.
When you will reach a specific level, in The Tower – Idle Tower Defense, you will be able to unlock a new zone for additional profit in The Tower – Idle Tower Defense.
The Tower – Idle Tower Defense video is from my Lets Play Playlist, that you will find on the channel, where you can see lots of idle games for you to try and play on your mobile phone.
Try this game, and let me know your thoughts. In this The Tower – Idle Tower Defense video you will find game tips, review and tricks, but also the beginner guide, tutorial for The Tower – Idle Tower Defense. Let us know your best tips and tricks for this The Tower – Idle Tower Defense Game. If you already played this game, this The Tower – Idle Tower Defense, let us know in the comments bellow how further did you reach.

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A tower defense with more than meets the eyes. The Tower is an incremental tower defense game where you will control a single tower. Defend your tower until its destruction, make permanent upgrades to it, then give it another try! Construct the perfect tower of defense.

The Tower Features
• Addicting simplistic tower defense gameplay
• An insane number of upgrades to choose from
• Invest your valuable coins to permanently power up your tower in the workshop
• Research new upgrades to unlock new parts of the game
• Continue to unlock new research while idle or playing active
• Unlock and manage your card collection to provide your tower massive bonuses
• Compete in live tournaments against other players to unlock ultimate weapons

Will your perfect tower stand the test of time in this new idle tower defense game?


  1. Lmao you legit hacked the game… you take 100's of attacks in this video, but take 0 damage. Nice BS guide to make people spend money and watch ads tho

  2. I'm currently able to do upwards of wave 2K in tier 1 and one really important thing to understand about this game is the importance of knockback, thorns, lifesteal and overall health. Absolute Defense really only holds effectiveness early on. As you go into the game the enemy damage scales to crazy levels, so what you want more than anything else is to prevent regular enemies from hitting you. Knockback can do this very effectively when paired with rapid fire, bounce and multishot.

    Tower damage is not an important stat whatsoever because, like enemy damage, enemy health starts to scale into crazy levels as you get deep. What you want is the death laser card active all the time. Orbs and Death Laser are your primary ways of killing regular enemies. Bosses drop to Thorns in 3 hits (each hit is 49.5% damage), so as long as you can survive 3 hits from the boss you should be solid. Plasma cannon even at rank 0 drops the number of required thorns hits to 2. It only drops boss health by 50% at max rank so you'd still need 2 hits to drop a boss unless there is a perk/upgrade to improve thorns damage beyond 99%. I haven't seen anything yet.

    So in short,
    Get Death Ray and Plasma Cannon. Upgrade knockback power and knockback % to max, pump everything into health and defense %, don't waste early game upgrading damage because all you really need is multishot, attack speed, bounce and rapid fire. All of the associated upgrades for those abilities are important. Crit and base damage are not important. Tower range is huge because it reduces the chance you will be killed by ranged enemies.
    Also slot your slow aura card. Slow aura is very useful.

  3. Defense absolute is called trash because people dont have enough defense percent, there is a reason why it goes on after the defense percent, get your defense percent to 50% and you only need half the defense absolute of the true attack,

  4. I don't get how to get far in t2 I can reach over wave 600 in tier 1 and only up to wave 50 in t2. I have a full defense build. Only defense absolute defense % block thorns upgrade hp and regen, and finally many coins and cash upgraded. Idk what to upgrade to get through two any help?

  5. Free to play player here, the key is maxing cash bonus & interest/wave.. Then you get them maxed you get everything else maxed.. sucky part is I’m only at 3x game speed.. and the lab takes far too long to upgrade

  6. Do you guy's want more content for this game????

  7. I recommend researching attack speed because it is limited

  8. This game is broken in a way since you can spend 1 month updating lets say power and you wont see much of a difference in the higher levels.
    Good at first 2 tiers but after that its just gets harder to update things and one is just chansing their tale.
    Also do not upgrade range after 100% since it makes your range smaller which developers wont fix that.

  9. Why is your video landscape for a portrait game?

  10. So actually the „beginner tips“ is Upgrade everything on Max nice Tutorial….

  11. Can you play a pc game called the perfect tower 2? It's a bit similar to this game

  12. I’m thinking of using orbs + knockback to wipe smalls, & using boss kill cards & thorns to kill yk what

  13. Ill be honest from what i could hear good tips but the music was alot louder then you so its hard to hear plus for me it sounds like your whisperings

  14. Music much too loud, almost unable to understand what you say.

  15. what does multiplier do? it’s the upgrade in lab for a 5x multiplier

  16. So basically what u need dont waste points in attck only attck speed and the effect of bounce and rapid fire then u need unlock all the slots for card + get the orbs and the thing that deal dm to bosses and focus on defense big impact is the free defense upgrade (ur lack in the video u didnt show any early game game play so u show what we need to do

  17. Super hard to hear you in this one, especially since your music is the same volume as your voice.

  18. ive maxed out almost every stat
    dmg , health, health regen, and absolute defense are the only i havent been able to max out

  19. New drinking game, take a shot every time you say the word definitely 😉

  20. if you have thorn 99 then they will attack twice and die but 50 is the same why not stop at 50?

  21. are you still playing this game and if so then what's your progress now

  22. Maybe Attack for a very little bit… But ultimately Range and Att Speed will serve you better in the beginning. Shooting those ranged enemies before they get a shot off is way better.

  23. It would be useful if you could hear the commentary without the background muzak.

  24. Which ultimate weapon should I get first?

  25. What do you think is the best card idle games tv?

  26. jesus can u make your music any louder…..!!! wtf

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