Uchiha Units Only Challenge Is OVERPOWERED! On All Star Tower Defense - fantasy-defense.com

Uchiha Units Only Challenge Is OVERPOWERED! On All Star Tower Defense

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Today I do the uchiha units only challenge on all star.

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  1. who want shisui and the new uptade !!! said me !!!!!!!

  2. technically Sakura is a uchiha she married Sasuke so Sakura is a Uchiha

  3. video title should be Susano only team Reskin video

  4. i have a idea for a challenge how about you do seven deadly sins units only

  5. Imagine if obito got a 6 star where he uses the statue

  6. This is doesent uchiha challange this is Susano challange

  7. He really just messed up the challenge u said uchiha only and then put kakashi u could have used Sakura she is married in to the uchiha family
    But I still like the vid keep up the work

  8. you sound like infernasu i cannot unhear it now

  9. legend units only so only units that are known in the anime for being a legend

  10. isnt this just ur susanoo video but without obito

  11. Maybe its sharingan units only because kakashi is hatake and not an Uchiha he just got sharingan from obito

  12. Itachi max does like 1.2m burn damage with 20 ticks every time though ?

  13. Obito actually does use his uchiha abilities as seen in the attack animation he uses kamui with flame tornado

  14. Bro he can use indra arrow cuz he have the same sharingan like indra and well he just buffed hes indra arrow using the god susanoo

  15. We do have obito he’s The one with the white mask to make Kakashi 6 star


  17. yes Obito needs a huge buff or a really good orb, he has kamui and maybe they can make it where he can summon the gedo statue

  18. the only burn unit that can beat itachi is natsu dragoneel

  19. He literally said mangekayor magakore🙂 it hurts

  20. He is not even equiping the gunbai jeez stopp saying what ever come in your mouth 🙂🙂

  21. Madara in 1/4 of his power is stronger than sasuke in 3/4 of his power lol.

  22. bro they should add a 6 star Juubito the animation should have the nunoboko sword and the Black ball thing

  23. You should open 5 capsule and use them in inf mode (including bullma)

  24. kakashi its not a uchiha and the susanoo its his not obitos cuz kakashi puts the chakra

  25. Remember whe naruto units were really bad ?

  26. Can i get 4 six star and i am a boy this is my mom old phon and my name is on roblox is kymereakins

  27. I don't have 1 and i am level 59 can i get thos for free

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