trying to beat Tower Defense X solo.. | ROBLOX -

trying to beat Tower Defense X solo.. | ROBLOX

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first gameplay video of my roblox game Tower Defense X where it isn’t show casing new stuff, but rather just enjoying what i have :d


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. Stop deleting my comments please, I just wanna help on the game bc I have ideas for the game and towers

  2. I like how someone wih a shotgun cost more than a man with a gatling gun

  3. John, shotgunner should one shot on first lvl aswell since you used model of actual shotgun which one has pellets, its not some kind of Marlin

  4. when the game's owner forgot's he is the owner

  5. question about the tower areas: how would you unlock them? would you need to beet easy to get intermediate towers? or can you get them in one go?

  6. Do you guys have a release date since I’m honestly looking forward to the game, it looks amazing

  7. same thing that happened to d10 is gonna happen to this one

  8. you know what we need? JOHN TOWER IN TDX

  9. All TD type of games have maps with there own length and players always pick the longest one, if I were you I’d make the length of the path the same for every map that way players won’t only play 1 map and will choose other ones.

  10. Please Pin if I'm correct
    In the future there might be a quest system like using beginner tower to beat hard or expert mode?

  11. Listen Ik this is probably annoying and has been asked several thousand time but, is pvp gonna be a thing.

  12. Hey John, will TDX be available on mobile?

  13. 0:24 this sould be an april fools update after the game comes out

  14. i have a tower idea a flamethrower tower but a bit interesting it has napalm for top path and lava for bottom the tower does dot and it throws a molotov for more dot and the location can be set and it stacks

  15. Hey Just a Question what will the future bosses be??

  16. I have idea for tower, I made a draw and I have the upgrade ideas if you want them

  17. when will it be released when will it be released when will it be released when will the game be REleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeeedddd

  18. Bro can sound like a baby and a gorilla 💀

  19. maek the IFV's tracks animated
    yes yesss

  20. Scp tower defense is hell in endgame

  21. Heavy who dont got use be like: pootis. pootis

  22. I need ideas for the unit of tower defense x mech spawners will combine into one and all the mech units were combined into a

  23. will this game be available to Xbox I want my friends to play with me but I don't know if it will be available to Xbox so it would really help if you told me thank you 🙂

  24. I've been waiting forever waiting until tdx is out.

  25. question,if you have the speed x2 button wouldnt there be troll players putting it non stop even if you didnt want it to?(including the restart button)

  26. another tower defense game i would rank 10 out of 10

  27. "armored zombies will take reduced damage from *bullets*'

    -accelerator vibes

  28. Me when TDX finally comes out : AH-

  29. Hey John will tds release in mobile and iPad devices?

  30. you should add buffs on hills to towers that specialises long range e.g range buff

  31. i wonder if there will be lag settings for players with garbage pc's

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