Trying The Vehicle ONLY Challenge In Roblox Tower Defense -

Trying The Vehicle ONLY Challenge In Roblox Tower Defense

JeromeASF – Roblox
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Today we are Trying The Vehicle ONLY Challenge In Roblox Tower Defense
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  1. Jerome idk if I am the only one with this problem but when I try to go to using the link in the description it says this server cannot be found

  2. Actually molten mode is easier than normal mode jerome

  3. Love the vid keep it up you should really play tower heroes again too there has been a lot of updates since you last played

  4. Bruh are you srs normal mode that so ez and railgun tanks are lame 😐

  5. you couldve used the shot gunner and put him on the side (his abiloty spawns swat trucks in)

  6. jerome molten is easier than normal trust me when i say that

  7. Well je jolly the mil base’s are weak I’m used to the f bases from evolution evade “a spawner that spawns spawners”

  8. Try and spam Military base all at once with them I dare u

  9. Hmmm, will they beat the frost event, or hiddem wave, or hardcore, prob no

  10. If you join the tds group on roblox then stating cash will be 600

  11. I love how the add for the army is we don’t like campers either😂

  12. Omg part two of the challenge on tds/tower defense sim

  13. Its even more impressive how they did the hardest gamemode in tds WITH ONLY VEHICLES AND FARMS

  14. Jerome can you plz do a video where you and your friends do the frost event plz

  15. And you guys need a strat to defeat the final wave

  16. O jerome I almost forgot to tell you that farms don't work on the event but you get alot of money from the enemies

  17. When you begin put the pyros down to burn through the enemies to damage them.

  18. And when last wave comes sell pyros and buy other towers

  19. What is this game called in Roblox I can’t seem to find it because I am really dumb

  20. try it now. oh you lost. BECUAUSE CARS ARE GONE FOR 6 MONTHS IF ITS a HARD FIX

  21. Unlock the golden skin Jerome it the golden crate

  22. Normal is harder than molten what are you doing

  23. Not lightning bolts energy blasts it's a railgun jerome

  24. Fun fact: molten is better than normal, molten will spawn a normal boss in wave 10 then normal, normal spawn a normal boss at wave 7

  25. when i see him picking normal mode it just made me lose one braincell

  26. jerome you should off played at molten im pretty sure those tanks and aces and pursuits are enough for molten
    oh and btw easy mode is harder than the molten

  27. I played this game and got the best tower in the game

  28. for your info all modes go up to 40 waves but hardcore goes to 50 and events go around 20 waves ish (oh wait this is my edit and apparently normal mode goes to wave 30 XD im dumb

  29. you should do fallen mode and open golden crates if u can

  30. Jerome: vehicles only
    Steve: okay I’ll get minigunner

  31. jerome join the TDS group it gves you 100 more starter cash in game

  32. do fallen i well try to make you win i love your video

  33. can you made the challenge defeating the fallen king?

  34. Normal mode has 30 stages molten mode has 40 and the final one has 50 stages I’m pretty sure

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