Trooper tower, crewmate tower and world war event map concept (tower defense simulator) -

Trooper tower, crewmate tower and world war event map concept (tower defense simulator)

SUPEROFGOD Sweetcutegirl
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Sorry for a long time, I made them finally…


  1. trooper is way to cheap make it like
    level 0/ place price: 4560
    lvl 1 1200
    lvl 2 4500
    lvl 3 9000
    lvl 4 12500
    lvl 5 18500

  2. 🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧
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  3. When it’s the imposter towers it’s free in the inventory for 3 2 4 days right? Bc that is OP

  4. Bro that "tropper" "tower" its just soldier with commanders hat bruh

  5. Bro the sus hability its basically impossible because imposter was just an april fools easter egg and its fully removed from the game even for the admins

  6. Crewmate Tower: HAHAHHAHAH IM THE BEST TOWER EVER Ballons be like: you can't see us

  7. Heavy Event:
    Base health: 750
    Map: Crossroad (old)
    When is start give 5000 cash

    Hp: 8
    Speed: slow
    Wave: 1

    Hp: 12
    Speed: average
    Wave: 5

    Hp: 27
    Speed: slowly
    Wave: 7

    Hp: 38
    Speed: Slowly
    Wave: 8

    Heavy slow:
    Hp: 50
    Speed: Slowly
    Wave: 9

    Slow Boss:
    Hp: 1600
    Speed: Very Slow
    Wave: 19

    Giant Boss:
    Hp: 2000
    Speed: slow
    Special: 20% defense freeze
    Wave: 24

    Mega slow:
    Hp: 3100
    Speed: Very Slow
    Wave: 28

    Chained Boss:
    Hp: 4100
    Speed: Very Slowly
    Special: 45% defense
    Wave: 32

    Giant Slow Boss:
    Hp: 4500
    Speed: Very Super slow
    Special: 57% defense freeze
    Ability 1: High Stomp
    Wave: 36

    Slow Giant:
    Hp: 13000
    Speed: Mega slow
    Ability 1: summon 2 Heavy Summoner
    Wave: 43

    Heavy Summoner:
    Hp: 9599
    Speed: slow
    Ability 1: summon slow Heavy Hefty Chained Slow Boss Giant Boss Mega slow Chained Boss
    Wave: none

    Heavy Titan (miniboss):
    Hp: 72500
    Speed: Extra Slow
    Ability 1: smash with Hammer 3×3 stun Tower for 10 sec
    Wave: 53

    Heavy Mystery:
    Hp: 50
    Speed: fast
    Ability 1: when is die spawn Slow heavy Hefty Chained
    Wave: 53

    Heavy Mystery Boss:
    Hp: 150
    Speed: Below Average
    Ability 1: when is die Spawn Slow Boss Giant Boss Mega slow Chained Boss
    Wave: 55

    Chained titan (miniboss)
    Hp: 145000 + (shield) 35990
    Speed ultimate Slow
    Ability 1: summon Super Strong Enemies
    Ability 2: smash with Heavy Hammer 8×8 stun Tower for 10 second
    Wave: 64

    Heavy Giant:
    Hp: 35000
    Speed: fast
    Wave: 67

    Hp: 65090
    Speed: Very slow
    Wave: 72

    Slow king:
    Hp: 15900 + (shield) 4000
    Speed: Fast
    Wave: 72

    Heavy king:
    Hp: 25000 + (shield) 7900
    Speed: below average
    Wave: 75

    Titan overlord (miniboss):
    Hp: 450000
    Speed: Extremely slow
    Ability 1: swing with Sword stun Tower for 10 second
    Wave: 83

    Slow Lord:
    Hp: 45000 + (shield) 15000
    Speed: normal
    Wave: 85

    Heavy Lord:
    Hp: 85000 + (shield) 27000
    Speed: Very slow
    Wave: 89

    The Overlord Heavy (final Boss):
    Hp: 3M
    Rage mode Hp: 1M
    Speed: Very Extremely Slow
    Rage mode Speed: Very Super slow
    Ability 1: stomp
    Ability 2: smash with Hammer 20×20 stun Tower for 10 second
    Ability 3: summon slow enemies
    Ability 4: when is 1M hp throw Slow Overlord
    Ability 5 (only rage mode): Summon Fast Enemies
    Ability 6: smash with 2 Hammer 20×20 stun Tower for 10 second
    Wave: 95

    Slow Overlord:
    Hp: 50000
    Speed: Fast
    Wave: none

    Heavy Blaster:
    Upgrade cost:

    Level 0:
    Damage: 100
    Range: 25
    Firerate: 4
    Flying Detection: ✔️

    Level 1: goggle and Better Blaster
    Damage: 250
    Range: 30
    Firerate: same

    Level 2: Armoured and Better Blaster
    Damage: 500
    Range: 40
    Firerate: 3
    Hidden detection: ✔️

    Level 3: Big Blaster
    Damage: 1599
    Range: 50
    Firerate: 2.5

    Level 4: Destroy Blaster
    Damage: 5000
    Range: 65
    Firerate 1.5

    Max level: Bigger Blaster
    Damage: 15000
    Range: 100
    Firerate: 0.8

    Ability 1: Destroy Blaster do 80000 damage useful on hidden wave for 30 second to use ability

  8. too op, trooper bad design, crewmate good but only for 1 day limited time, will be removed after 1 day, if win using crewmate, less coins

  9. Finally a John roblox that is like from old TDs but better

  10. Thist tower need or nerf fire cadence or no have hidden detection or become a so expensiver tower or placement limit 10

  11. Christmas Event Tower:
    Gingerbread House
    How to get: defeat the christmas event
    Cost: 900$
    Type: Spawner
    Level 0: Spawns – 10 Elves, and each elf does 5 damage and has 65 health, and their weapon is a sword, and they have normal speed
    Level 1, Explosive Gifts: Spawns: 10 Elves, and 5 Gingerbreads. Gingerbreads have 100 health, their weapons are a explosive gift, and they also reload (1.3 seconds to reload) and they have fast health, their damage is 35.
    Level 2, Bring in the Toymakers: Spawns: 10 Elves, 5 Gingerbreads, and 3 Toymakers. Toymakers make trains, and planes every 1 minute, they have slow speed, but they have 200 health. Trains ram enemies and have 125 health and is slow, meanwhile planes have 50 damage (damages from the air) and has 150 health and they are fast.
    Level 3, Higher Class: Spawns: 10 Elves, 5 Gingerbreads, 3 Toymakers and 2 Higher Class Elves. Higher Class Elves have 500 health, weapon is a explosive gift launcher, and deals 255 damage, they have normal speed.
    Level 4, Jolly Santa: Spawns, 10 Elves, 5 gingerbreads, 3, Toymakers, 2 Higher Class Elves, and Santa. Santa has 2150 health, and throws a gift that spawns a train or a plane, and his speed is slow.

  12. i think tower trooper like the john old vision

  13. the sus tower will be a cool skin for slasher

  14. Sus commander skin attack slashes nearby enemies if there's nothing nearby he will throw his knife then grab another one in his pocket

  15. Crewmate is very very cheap for very very high damage. Broken status:inf%

  16. Custom:

    Cost: u can change it

    Damage: you also can change it

    Range: change it also

    Upgrade cost:

    Level 1: 456 (squid game)

    Level 2: 3423

    Level 3: 6781

    Level 4: 53721

    Level 5: 2347982

    Ability (upgrade till level 4):

    Summon Custom things (u can make)

  17. Trooper Tower with lv 3 and lv 4: why i can't shot LEADS?

  18. I know everybody knows this but the crewmate tower is way too OP that’s why I shouldn’t be in the game with the rest are ok trying to be Mr. obvious

  19. Trooper is like John tower but slightly better or worse

  20. Bruh just level 4 only BC fps is 9milion

  21. How to get trooper for free
    Go on ptd(project tower deffence)
    Step 2 find a pro and go on training
    Step 3 win
    Step 4 u now have trooper

  22. Dude crewmate cost expensive its gonna make players take a waste of time to get alot of cash to upgrade crewmate

  23. imagine if there was a war event with tower battles..

  24. You Should Change Crewmates Stats They Are VERY OVERPOWERD

  25. below pov: i think crewmate is to op and price ( 1 day later ) i weil ban crewmate tower bc to op

  26. kinda cool, but cringe (no hate) TDX demo out in sept soon???

  27. you can also have assult-sniper which i made by myself which stays on a cliff but gets stunned cos it has more range then ranger and does 1000 dps at max

  28. Light vs Dark event (freezer is finally useful in this event)

    Commander (Darkness) dialogues:
    Wave 1 to 5
    1 : Command 001, The light are attacking! Place down one of my army now!
    2 : We got a problem, Sir! Hell Light zombies!
    3 : Light-darks?! impossible!
    4 : We're gonna get on a problem soon. Upgrade your towers.
    5 : Ah, there are the Electrics! Get water-based towers or fire, such as Freezer and Pyromancer!
    Wave 6 to 10
    6 : This attacker gotta be kidding me! Lad, place down and upgrade your towers!
    7 : Hoop! There goes even more! Get ready for a horde of 65 light!
    8 : THERE IS THE LIGHT REAPER! Fight it with the things you have right now!
    9 : Hold on tight, there will be a HORRIBLE amount of enemies in this wave…
    10 : Can we darkness make the light disappear? Hopefully, there will be 3 Light Reapers!
    Wave 11 to 14
    11 : My connection- iaaaaarrr!!!!! aaa-.. AAAA!! THE LIGHT IS TIEING ME UP!!! HEL-LLLlllPpPP- THEYRE ALSO BREAKING MY COOoonNNNNee-
    12 : [Urgent intruder alerts in the background] Oh uh, that's nothing lad… Fellow darkness is just activating an alarm because of the light….
    13 : Hmph, 60 electrics?! Better get more pyromancers and freezers! Electrics will immediately die if you upgrade those towers to 2-3!
    14 : UHH, THE ALARMS ARE GETTING LOUDER! I'll leave for now….
    (You Dialogue) 14 : DARKNESS!

    Blaster (Totally not TBZ elite copy (i just had no ideas)
    (Defeat White-Scythe 750k HP)
    Dmg: 3
    Firerate: 0.05
    Range: 50%
    Dps: 25(Thats like ummmm adds the number to the total damage i think)

    LVL 1 [Engaged Laser Fun] – $450
    Dmg: 5
    Firerate: 0.05
    Range: 53%
    Dps: 30

    LVL 2 [Gungear Fixments] $1,150
    Dmg: 7
    Firerate: 0.03
    Range: 55%
    dps: 35

    LVL 3 [Solar Effect from Bagpack] $2,050
    Dmg: 12
    Firerate: 0.03
    Range: 59%
    Dps: 40

    LVL 4 [Laserific Science] $4,600
    Dmg: 15
    firerate: 0.02
    Range: 66%
    Dps: 50

    LVL 5 [Accelerative Blasts]
    Dmg: 23
    Firerate: 0.000000001 (idk if it correct)
    Range: 80%
    Dps: 85
    Ability [Darkic Symphony]: Launches a larger blast and higher damage, and also stunning the enemy for 3 seconds


    Wave 1-10

    1 : Light
    HP: 7
    Speed: Slightly Fast

    2 : Hell Light
    HP: 15
    Speed: Fast

    3 : Light-dark
    HP: 19
    Defense: Lightside's chains and darkside's spikes 20%
    Speed: below average

    5 : Electrics
    HP: 23
    Defense: Pelzates (that's how i call electric particles) 30%
    Speed: Fast

    6 : Sunman
    HP: 40
    Defense: Bands 40%
    Speed: Average

    6 (2) : Attacker
    HP: 56
    Defense: Stone swords and a metal crown 30%
    Hidden: ✓
    Speed: Slightly slow
    Bladestrike: Strike 2-4 blades at the nearest tower and stun them for 5 seconds
    Seen when playing on fallen mode

    7 : Cold light
    HP: 12
    Defense: Swords and bands 50%
    Hidden: ✓
    Speed: Average

    8 : Light Reaper
    HP: 120
    Defense: Dominus, scythe, sandbands, burning bands (60%)

    MORE SOON!!!!

  29. The trooper are very cheap, perfect to start


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