Toy Soldiers: HD Is The Best WW1 Trench Tower Defense Game I've Ever Played! -

Toy Soldiers: HD Is The Best WW1 Trench Tower Defense Game I’ve Ever Played!

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Welcome to Toy Soldiers: HD! Today we’ll be starting the HD remake of this classic, and its incredible.
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  1. We need more of this epic game
    Sun Zu the art of war

  2. 6:10 Because the British weren't any better. Over 8 million horses died in the war, many from exhaustion.

  3. This game is great, but Toy Soldiers Cold War is life changing.

  4. multi with pixelated apollo, best man gets a cookie from the other. make it so my faithful youtube servant XD jk jk

  5. 13:38 Yeah, probably would have a good KD ratio. Because humans, as far as science can tell, can't respawn.

  6. Baron saying "The Germans are coming" while using a German accent is the most ironic thing i've heard in this channel

  7. can you multiplayer with beautiful ob pls and spycakes

  8. It's been a while since I last seen u play thus

  9. Blitz Obviously

    And thosewacky things DID exist in WWI. Jusy concepts. But did exist. It is historically accurate

  10. Bro imagine this being your childhood game.

  11. For multiplayer you should play with spy cakes

  12. play this with blitz its been a while since you did a video with him

  13. I got to say the theme when the wave is heavy soldiers is FIRE 7:03

  14. I used to have the demo disk on my original xbox, and I would play that one level over and over again with different strategies with what they gave me, because it was just so much fun.

    I love the fact that apparently, enough people thought it was good enough to make an updated version, I'll definitely be buying this for my xbox one!

  15. I remember playing this game 9 years ago as a little kid and it always stuck with me. Nothing was quite like it. Thanks for sharing it with others, I know it wasn't for my sake, but I still appreciate it.

  16. is this diffrent to toy soldiers 1+2 complete?

  17. Is this game going to work the first few months and then become a Broken Game too?

  18. The Germans killed people with the spikes on their helmet

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