Tower Defense X Update.. | ROBLOX -

Tower Defense X Update.. | ROBLOX

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my roblox game Tower Defense X is finally starting programming, we have got zombies up and running and already started some performance testing. actual interesting gameplay of this should be ready by june.


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. 6:12 hmmm they seemed like mysteries but its confirmed that its not so uhhh maybe it is like a boomer orr idk

  2. why you dont add the B-2 spirit bomber

  3. yes please use a lot of pbr would love to see that

  4. Hey john,can you guys make a support for console? It would be very cool to play on them

  5. What if tower def x have donate
    AND more challenge to play

  6. would be nice if there's a simplified geometry option ( either just do the blocky looks similar to the demo map shown in the video or make the mesh set to 0 )

  7. no videos… but at least we know the love and work he is putting into the project 🙂

  8. you are gonna make the game that you are known for go bankrupt

    also, tower idea: "Scout" this tower can scout ahead for future waves and give intel to a set number of nearby towers, these nearby towers can deal extra damage to zombies because they know where to shoot them for extra damage. max level could have an ability that gives all towers 25% more damage to all enemies for the next wave. to balance this, it could be expensive and have a low placement limit.


  9. If a bigger youtuber plays this game when it comes out, it could become a tds killer

  10. Can there be xbox servers separated from pc and mobile servers for people who dont have a pc can play tdx

  11. Cool so it’s basically btd5 but roblox with mix of tds and tower battles

  12. When i Saw that Giant battle ship in the first 2 seconds of the video i knew it was good , that battle ship addition is perfect for warships enthusiast like me.

  13. I just found someone pretending to be you!

  14. John playing every td game : BONKSHA BONKS BONKSHA BONKS

  15. The optimization is appreciated as someone with a 10 years old laptop

  16. JOHN is there a link to the game? I can't find it so if you make a new video on the game can you put the a link to the game plz

  17. aether rush was one of my TD faves for a while, so knowing the dev for that is working on this game as well is very exciting news. I wonder if there will be any free-roam style maps like AR

  18. SCP-999 tickle monster [Finland][EU] says:

    Me: is that StarCraft in Roblox?!?

  19. TDs but it's accurate and have logic

  20. Quick question, will TDX have events and special towers and such, or will it just have the shop towers? I think it would be really cool to have events in this game.

  21. Beat tds with first lvl on the tower, on any difficulty

  22. are these assests publicly available, incase we want to come up with our own ideas/skins for these towers?

  23. yo john can I ask something, can you add a feature that when the game is released and who ever joined will be a admin when its full released that feature will be gone

  24. John if you make the speed x10 or x15 that well make the game less boring if you have trash towers or you are farming for like a golden crate or platinum crate and if you add x30 that well make the grinding way easier!

  25. how heavy is your game? ( i want to run shader on it but not getting lag)

  26. Bruh how at TDX not even out and it got an update…

  27. On roblox you are the first but the BTD series is the first to my knowledge

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