Tower Defense X Easy Mode COMPLETE! | ROBLOX -

Tower Defense X Easy Mode COMPLETE! | ROBLOX

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the tower defense roblox game of mine has completed easy mode… now onto the next mode and more towers!


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. This is a good question when will tower defense x come out?

  2. he should make the losing animation the towers slamming their weapons to the ground

  3. I just realized its Gangster Paradise remix for the song at the end.

  4. Here’s a idea maybe when the defeat thing pops up the towers turn to zombies or die or a nuke goes offor something like that or the zombies dance

  5. Idea what if you make the towers get a infected/death animation for when you lose

  6. I wonder the lose animetion the tower will facepalm damb self

  7. Rule 34 artists preparing for the new wave of Roblox characters

  8. There are three eye blinding things..
    Discord light mode,
    And roblox studio light mode.

  9. If John makes the infinite mode go for a while he should make it so the longer the game goes the more coins you get

  10. I wonder if tda will make a event called lord sinisters return aka halloween eventn2023 and the final boss is lord sinster as a cyborg but he has guards as robot jaxes and the map has dead ducky doom robot golden titan grave digger nighrs jaxe void reaver and his brother hugging as a secert is john tower hding in a bunker ready to launch a nuke for reveage

  11. imagine a ghost tower which is simon from mw2 lel or a skin for soldier


  13. can u add a code that gives free money

  14. Can you add a button to activate ability's rather than having to find towers and clicking the button

  15. Everyone gansta till plague doctor becomes rbg

  16. The winning Animations for the towers are such a big detail, I believe a losing animation for the towers should also be made

  17. john can you make it so that you can change the color for the background in upgrade ui (sorry for bad england)

  18. you made the game so good but why dont you make a tower (like john) and it will be the admin tower

  19. John: im to poor to repay stupid windows 10. Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i didn"t pay for it and i can still play on it.

  20. Is this recommended for potato laptop?

  21. The end game animation makes the towers look like there alive!

  22. John can I help you on the game I'm professional at building

  23. Uhm why when I search tdx nothing in Roblox?

  24. I want to play this already. I don't want to wait. MONKEY NOISES

  25. U sould add a medic tower. To get him you would have to beat pleage doc

  26. I quit making vids till I get 1 sub with my okvids says:

    Make it when you lose your towers become zombiys cuz infected or mauled or sent to heaven 😀🔫

  27. Try make towers can move, dodge attacks, more interesting

  28. What do you think about support towers? Like in bloons TD 6 there is alchemist, monkey village and engineer (overclock path). You think you can manage something similair?

  29. Dream work team 3:10 lol.

    John, you should put a defeated animation for the towers like sad, sitting down. (Mini gunner would out his mini gun sideways like he does in the winning scene but holding it in place looking down)
    (Soldier, holsters his weapon.)
    (Shotgunner, him mad since the most maniac dude would normally a shotgunner.)

  30. add where you can click on others towers and see the range and their stats please

  31. Wow maybe this game in the future will be better than TDS

  32. xcan you make it so that if a player has placed like a lot of good or bad towers but leaves or disconnects they remaining players have accesss to sell or upgrade the tower

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