Tower Defense X Christmas Event Trailer -

Tower Defense X Christmas Event Trailer

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Enjoy all out Roblox Christmas Tower Defense X warfare

TDX OST Exo Santa:


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. John roblox voice acting a zombie that has no clue what hes doing but exsisting is awesome john should voice act more zombies

  2. bruh so ez i win at first try and got all skins withouth lose :nerd:

  3. For the Christmas skins, you should have done a gingerbread house barracks!

  4. John roblox this is amazing fr not kidding❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ like and favorite TDX

  5. im curious, has anyone beating this solo or duo? i did duo with my friend

    btw its good that there isnt a gamble system

  6. i beated the event first try!
    here’s how i did:
    get barracks (2 people have to place 4 barracks so thats total of 8 barracks then get 1 top max and all the other bottom max)
    then get 1 person with juggernaut and let them place like 8
    get sniper and laser gunner placed (only 1 of them)
    and boom there you go
    no farm needed and if you die that means you messed it up
    (btw if your towers run out of range remove them and put them at the back)
    edit:also 1 person bring artillery i forgot to say

  7. Nah but the final boss music is fire🔥🔥🔥


  9. This tower defense game already is super good and it’s only been out for a month good job soldiers!!!!

  10. I just made all the kids rage with anger after killing santa

  11. put simply BARRACKS OP, bro, only 12 of us had it and we dominated, with a few other spam towers but otherwise.

  12. I finish it the when it come out and the event tower is really cool

  13. Next year update idea:you can send money to players

  14. Tbh I really hope John makes a more realistic ace pilot like a fighter jet and I hope
    He makes a Apache skin or tower tbh another idea is aircraft carrier which spawns a custom fighter jet just my ideas btw

  15. the only good thing everyone is happy about: john not delaying updates
    the only thing the community hates from john: making nerfs

  16. Imagine if somebody doing a smash or pass 💀💀💀💀💀

  17. John,if you have the time to do so,can you make gifting gamepasses or products a thing?


  19. Santa bot from tower battles but TDX

    No offense

  20. I know i can't get the event tower cause the event is too hard you literally need railgunner and juggernaut to beat it

  21. Hey John remenber the game that copied your i have a idea try roast the owner of the game that copied yours

  22. Day 1 of asking john to add k9s as towers in TDX

  23. Nerf exo santa hp is not have almost 2 times hp as the eradicater mark iv

  24. Bro prob took days to create this and it only took sniper to beat it😂

  25. Ranger can actually be used in this event 🙂

  26. I don't know on tdx have violent night theme from tds but i was thinking john make remix for good song to hear
    I didn't say he copy theme violent night but john make more better song

  27. Not even out for a day And I already got all skins… I'm mentally And clinically insane.

  28. John pls pls check out Anomalous Activities, its a game from the devs of Decaying Winter. They have very nicely designed outfits and guns, which imo suits the vibe of tdx, that you should collab with. Try check out their Black Squad Divison design from the game.

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