Tower Defense Simulator VS. Tower Blitz | ROBLOX -

Tower Defense Simulator VS. Tower Blitz | ROBLOX

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Battle of BTD6 clone games.

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  1. Ngl I think tbz is better this is my opinion btw.

  2. Nobody:
    Video game battle, game character battle,.. . after tie: So anyway i start let the viewer decide

  3. you see tower defense simulator has the power of loot boxes so it will obviously win

  4. Simple in terms of fun it's the and it's basically f2p
    Unlike tds which is mostly p2w noobs who don't know who to play

  5. I would probably choose TBz. Because TBz has an original mechanics. Like challenge, Two upgrade thing (this isn't an original idea. But hey this is the first Tower defense game who has Two Upgrade thing), Modifiers, and others

    TDS is like… The same thing on every Tower defense games. But hey it's still good with some good update

    Some of you will disagree with me. But hey it's my opinion. I dont hate both of them. I love playing them both

  6. The amount of jotaro vs dio ive heard is alot now its VERY canon

  7. well tds tower kinda weaker than tbz tower. rng in tds is “super fun” meanwhile tbz doesn’t have too much rng but tds have less lag if you play expert mode in tbz well it lag as heck especially for mobile, you just can’t move at late game.

  8. freezer is just cold give him a hand warmer

  9. Freezer in Tbz actually does more dps than tds freezer😂

  10. tds beter!!!!! they kill creator with 600k hp fast!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  11. oh yea 1 more thing tbz never delay unlike tds its always delay

  12. I feel like TBZ is a better game
    But TDS has more content
    So I like both

  13. i instantly choose tbz because of a few things:
    1. lore
    2. balancing
    3. kugelblitz

  14. Also… Games aint important for everyone.

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