Tower Defense Simulator VS. Tower Blitz | ROBLOX -

Tower Defense Simulator VS. Tower Blitz | ROBLOX

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Battle of BTD6 clone games.

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  1. I everytime I hear from bobo "THIS IS BULLSHIT" laugh histeracly this is too good

  2. first i think tbz is more fun bc tds is kinda old but for last clip they both took same amount of time but tds has creator (600K hp) so that proves tds is better
    Edit: it took 3 secs for tds 4 secs for tbz


  4. Tower blitz actually fun tho, tds just addictive

  5. Fun fact: freezer is sad because captain keeps saying that he is trash tower, and freezer is also in the process of turning into enemies/spore

  6. According to le epiko depressing lore of tbz, freezer is half infected and half human when he was bit by a frozen. ever since that he dosen't feel good and continues to do his job. (freezer's ability is not his tech, its his own unique power he got ever since bitten by the frozen)

  7. Tds wins cuz creator a harder boss

  8. Dezztub3: Stop It , Stop It , Stop Taunting Me!
    Joemama: Joe Mama Joe Mama Joemama Joe mama

  9. Green scout wins cus hes able to beat 600k hp boss in seconds

  10. tds is def better bc tb is deutsche qualitat = lag

  11. Tds bc tower blitz was trash before it deserves to be destroyed ROBLOX IS YIU SAW THIS COMMENT DELETE TOWER BLITZ

  12. You don't know if the shot gunner in tower blitz can summon mercenarys if you upgrade it to 4-2

  13. Tower blitz better tower blitz better

  14. But tds and tower blitz betters

  15. Tbz has better graphics but green scout is the best so tds:troll:

  16. its also funny how ads copied tb and tbz copied ads and ads copies tbz back

  17. but there both GREAT in their own ways

  18. I played TDS before TBz, I like both games but TBz is still better in my opinion

  19. fun fact: the demolitionist bug was real unlike green scout

  20. 4:30 dart monkey IS much better

    In my opinion tbz IS better than tds

  21. Tds better no sweat im suck at tbz and at tds im better beacuse tds for me is fun so yeah… TDS BETTER

  22. I feel like tds won last round bc creator had more hp and they shredded it

  23. Both are very unique, I like both tower defense games and I play both of them, but the lag in TBz is huge, and most easy maps are taken very fast by other players in TDS

  24. Tower blitz because there is two paths for towers and the gameplay is spicy, and you can add modifiers to spice it up even more.

  25. TBz is anime moment so its better

    tds is just garbo

  26. Freezer always need to be picked for comparsion

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