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Tower Defense Simulator vs Tower Battles | ROBLOX

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guys we’re going in for a juicy topic
tower defense simulator is based on towers battles when it was first released tho.


  1. Below in 2020 – 2021 made TDS more Trash so i start to play TB because Tb has better towers than TDS and if i have patrol and farm i can go on wave 40 (last wave)

  2. john roblox: plant is lazy
    2 years later
    below: i am lazy

  3. How dare u bully tower battles it better than tds

  4. I checked roblox and saw TB was made in 2020 and TDS was made in 2019

  5. Tds copied TB, the evidence is found by the date the games were made and styles of certain towers.

  6. In 2021… Belownatural is very Lazy and Razuatix is not as lazy but is pretty lazy

  7. tower battles was made first dc how old this vid is

  8. I really like both games, but TDS really copied a lot from tower battles, this makes tbs less appealing to me.

  9. Bruh I wws not see that glad event i miss glad event 🙁 i want tds add it back

  10. The bad part is that people who play tds think that tb copied tds

  11. 8:55 john: "that's why tower defense simulator is better because its not stupid" 2 years later: hehe me: how does freeze de ice has logic bro

  12. 5:13 This was the first ever map I played in Tower Defense Simulator.
    It brings back so much nostalgia 😢😌

  13. John in the past tds copied tb John now playing tds all the time

  14. For me it says tower battles was made in 2011

  15. 6:24 how is he moving his mouse and walking around while clapping.. is he clapping

  16. ur friend belownatural will rigged to you when ur playing tower battle:>

  17. it did copy, tds was made in 2019, and tb made in 2011, so tds copied tb!

  18. i like how there will be one kid who is gona say "tower battles copied tower defense simulator" after they watch this video

  19. boss 4 got taken lol but hardcore wasnt out yet

  20. "hey, can i copy your homework?"

    "Sure but alter it so its not suspicious"

  21. Who still remember that void was a stomp abuser? And he’s still a stomp abuser today

  22. tds could have at least credited tb if it was inspired

  23. Below making tds is my life. planet I sometimes update "sometimes"

  24. I always like tower battles because of its simplicity and the game is also more challenging compared to tds which makes it more fun in my opinion. I also recently check tds and they added these ugly faces to the tower which makes me feel like the quality is not as good as tower battles.

  25. PlanetEarth literally said that the creator of tower defense sim asked him for his models for a school project and he allowed it as long as they didn’t make money off of them. The creator of tower defense simulator literally betrayed him and started using his stuff for money with slight changes. Tower defense is way more pay to win than tower battles ever was.

  26. its a lego kids gane if u want hd grpahics go play a rtx game you idiots

  27. tower battles old nostalgic design is what makes it better

  28. I look on this three years after this vid came out, and I see how different they are now yet how similar they were then.

  29. Tower battles looks a lot better now than when you played so the smooth complaint ain't a thing anymore

  30. Players really don't know how did the developer copied that game, but it's not.

  31. Bro i stopped playing Roblox for years and i missed playing tower battles, i played Roblox again and i thought Tower battles is now Tower defense 🤣 i never thought that it's different

  32. Too many things are copied from Tb for tds to be an og game. Even now they adjust the skins to the Tb skins and "inspired units" with very similar design choices and mostly the same perks.

  33. Fun fact: Below was a hired dev by Planet and Below stole his code from Tower Battles and made TDS (or smh like that)

  34. Someone told me saying
    “Fun fact:when tds came out it had the same stats of tb towers” idk if it’s true but there you go

  35. love how when he swaps to play tower battles his mic quality goes down

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