[Tower Defense Simulator] Using 4 of the oldest event towers became my most painful Molten run. - fantasy-defense.com

[Tower Defense Simulator] Using 4 of the oldest event towers became my most painful Molten run.

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  1. HotNut: having pain in molten
    Me: bullying the whole mode

  2. Everybody gangsta until the devs put every event tower on sale:

  3. Me after seeing slasher:psssst he is gonna win(lose)

  4. ik gladiator deal highest dmg but i think u should spam commando instead since it have good range

  5. actualy most og towers arent event towers but towers what was never remade like turret

  6. speaking of tds… i was playing night 4 this comment was made

  7. Not going to lie the towers are only getting better with each year, but this isn’t because of increasingly new mechanics and game design, it’s because they can’t nerf it to the ground as fast.

  8. I have sniper which is one of the oldest tower too

  9. I am og but i quit and played again at holloween2020

  10. Wow, u have all the event towers, but did u buy the gladiator or obtained it free trough SFOTH?

  11. Idea: Only use towers that throw they're weapons (Swarmer,Shredder lvl 2 ,Executioner,Demoman lvl 2)

  12. Archer: wait you are going to use me? YES HALF YEAR NO ONE IS USE ME PLS USE M-
    You: “use farm tower”

  13. Be grateful that you can run TDS on max graphic ;-;

  14. This man is a legend having these og towers. Heres a sub and like:

  15. wow you have 2019 farm… I wish I had that

  16. Remember before the overhaul update when Frost Blaster could demolish Molten Boss in like 10 seconds?

  17. oof just lost by the molten boss troops sad

  18. Fun fact: only 1% of players have slasher, this makes him the rarest tower in the game

  19. true OG, he has frost blaster that hasn’t gone on sale yet

  20. Pov: You had surgery and had to miss 30 days of training and when you come back you see this: 13:50

  21. wow your a lucky OG you got event towers while i have none even though i started playing during the SFOTH and Area 51 Raid event

  22. I feel pain when you upgrade all you farm's to lvl 4

  23. I have all those towers and the christmas skin except shredder

  24. I would like to ask a favor. Please read the title before saying "Farm is not an event tower"

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