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Tower Defense Simulator UPDATE Solar Eclipse | ROBLOX

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the tower defense simulator, or tds update which has a new tower, skins, and of course the night system with many bosses to play against.


thank to Yippes for the outro song

hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. The eclipse event is useless the only thing that I like is the tower reworks

  2. 4:17 OMG real below placed a mini gunner put on 0.25x speed to notice

  3. Hunter is a really old tower that u should get by code and the code was remooved but now its in the shop

  4. The crusader minigunner is kinda look like templar

  5. wait that sword i know where it might be from its a game called terraria and there is a sword called as the night's edge the sword the commander has is very similar to that

  6. New simp(girl) commander have the terraria night edge

  7. Terraria references in tds: 3

    the eclipse commander is holding the nights edge a melee weapon commonly used at the start of hardmode

    The mage accelerator is holding the last prisim

    The bee gun and bee nades used on the swarmed level 3+

  8. Crusader minigunner really…Reminds me of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Stardust Crusaders
    Because it has Crusader in it.

  9. hunter just got re-added and remaked and its for 800 coins, a the max level of it, it does 3 damage at level 0, 3 at level 1, 6 damage at level 2, 12 damage at level 3 and 24 damage at level 4, level 4 is max level, and i dont know that the fly detection is removed or still works


  11. Fun fact: hunter sint New it's been out for a while but it was unobtainable cause it was a Twitter code. I only this cause I was one of the people who did have hunter before it became present to the shop

  12. Eclipse commander's sword looks like night's edge from terraria.

  13. Gdi friend: we fine lose
    Gdi: !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark !unit mark

  14. 0:25 its not actually a now tower it use to be a code tower and it just got revamped and now its in the store

  15. Bruh below copied from terraria the sword what eclipse commander has is the night edge

  16. finally a noob tower that can "actually" help and shoot things in the sky… luckily it ain't no B1RD HUNT3R anymore ( idk if that's the code )

  17. can u guys like maybe nerf the night 2 cuz i only beat night 1 and im stuck on night 2

  18. Hunter was in the game as a code in 2019 its not brand new but reworked

  19. Idc but I care about tower biltz and it's better

  20. I just realaised that the candy trow emote the pumpkin is jaxe head

  21. can you help me win hardcore or night 3 and 4 pls?
    l will sub and like

  22. John has made it acceptable to say mic up lol

  23. Bellow copied the sword from terraria called the nights edge for new commander

  24. when Jaxe died they used his head for candy basket lol

  25. "Theres a new tower, its called the Hunter tower"

    You do know that it existed as a tower that you can get from a code right?

  26. The changed the voice for commander for commander as a girl

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