Tower Defense Simulator | Uhhhhh......? -

Tower Defense Simulator | Uhhhhh……?

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ummmmmm…. ok.



  1. The Series Friends (PiggyJiJf is cringe) says:

    Stan reaction: ☠️

  2. My name is Medic from TDS yo loud noise
    My patient is Cowboy from TDS yo loud noise
    Uh-hu loud noise
    He told me everything loud noise

  3. Skyler white be like:how can my husband go to tds

  4. Waltuh, put ur commander plushy away Waltuh…
    I'm not having a 1v1 Waltuh.

  5. Jesse we need to win hardcore mode I need engineer

  6. "Jesse,we must Cook bloxy COLA and defend the RV from zombies."

  7. "Jesse, i've bin sponsored by tds jesse they added me jesse"

  8. This vid in three words Breaking bad reference

  9. WalterWhite tower
    Abi: Produces crystal meth every 10 mins giving you 10,000 points to spend
    Special: M60 (One-hit-kill every enemy on the map)

  10. Jesse. I have accelerator Jesse. We need to beat badlands Jesse.

  11. ꜱʜᴏᴄᴋᴡᴀᴠᴇꜱᴏꜰʙʟᴜᴇ says:

    i didnt know waltuh white was now in boblox

  12. “Say my name.”
    “Your God dam right.”

  13. waltuh but the fork away waltuh, you're not supposed to put a fork in the microwave waltuh

  14. Waltuh,what are you doing in tds waltuh? I'm not grinding gems with you right now Waltuh.

  15. Walter White: Where am i?
    Jesse: I Think TDS

  16. “Jesse, we need to defend”

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