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Tower Defense Simulator Towers Only | Tower Battles

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In my last video, I promised that I will make a TDS towers only in Tower Battles! The rules are still the same, we could only use towers that has a similar “brother” on the other game. This is going to be interesting…

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  1. Waffle House Phase 2: Electric Boogaloo says:

    I though you sucked at tb

    Indeed he didn't win cause rails get overwhelmed pretty easily

  2. The Luckiest thing happend to me today. I was claming my daily reward crate and i rellay wanted the mint choco skin. And guess what happened I GOT IT

  3. U did this before but u switching it up? Cool!

  4. Me: Reads title

    Also me: Okay, cool, so he can use every tower

  5. they both same game but not really with a new update in tower battles

  6. The start is literally TDS towers copying tower battles

  7. I got to wave 40 with aviator, snipers and farms only, tho….. anyways, good luck with getting new subs, I guess?

  8. Tower defense stole the towers from tower battles so

    Fair enough, you're stupid

  10. I always wanna play with u but i think u will never play with me (bunnyqueen481)

  11. I kinda like old tb bc when you don’t have enough money they say “sry your poor”

  12. Extreme dood you gotta upload more vids daily I can't upload coz I couldn't upload fast

  13. The enforcer better than gladiator tds

    and shedder too

  14. Tower Battles and Tower Defense Simulator
    Corporate needs you to find the difference between the two games.
    They're the same game.

  15. Zed(tb)=mecha base(tds)
    Golden commando(tb)=golden skin minigunner(tds)
    Golden scout(tb)=golden skin scout(tds)

  16. pls use enforcer and see how the different XD

    i am just joking chill TB fan chill

  17. for you extreme i think might be good if you grinding with the mercenary bc its like god tier early game kinda golden scout but more expensive

  18. I have an idea

    Idea: Explosion Tower only (Demoman Rocketeer and Mortar)

  19. phaser technically counts because the sentry locks onto a tower increasing the firerate, after the zombie is dead, it starts off as its regular firerate. which is similar to the phaser.

  20. We can all agree that at this point TDS is infinetly better than tb

  21. Hey do only Planes challange and can you add me
    And you can use farms and I hope you succeed

  22. Can u add friend me I’m lvl 59 KeanDrix328 🙂 and my friend Xxdk_kurtX24 and I watched ur vids everyday u mean so much to me:)😁😁😀 and I subscribed u please can u be my friend

  23. Im your fan, Your vid is so cool, i always wanted to be in your vid, can u add me in roblox?🙏

  24. i am no like mode hardcore i am like mode tds

  25. Hunter on tds:"only use code"
    Hunter on tb:let's buy

  26. The setup is good, though you're a bit new (avi, rail, scout, farm)

    I would change out scout for something else though, but probably Tuber because
    1; really good crowd control
    2; mortar would compete for cliff space with rails

    *Other towers include Flamethrower (useful 50% slowdown effect), Commander (cta spam helps tons with crowd control) and if counted, ZED (overall amazing spawner tower)

    I think the second Aviator wasn't necessary, and that saving up for Railgunner should have been done at wave ~15 to anticipate for Boss2

    *Focus should have been put on upgrading Railgunners instead of Commandos (dual wield commandos, sentry – maxed rails)

    Solid first (?) survival run, I wanna see more TB content


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