Tower Defense Simulator The Tutorial Mode Gameplay Full | Roblox -

Tower Defense Simulator The Tutorial Mode Gameplay Full | Roblox

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  1. Tds is the game that actually learns from the mistake

  2. Dummy boss is kinda fire i wanna have secs with him

  3. But like 80% of the people are veterans, and I don't see any new player under level 10 in public lobbies-

  4. All players who are not noobs will not be able to get the "Welcome to tds" badge, I tried

  5. it seems like that elevators is getting forgotten every update and hardcore is only one keep it alive

  6. This and the tdx buff update its a great time to be a td fan in roblox

    Btw you can play the tutorial in your main account in the settings

  7. tutorial:😆

  8. I hope there no trapper rule 34 on like 20 hours

  9. Wait thats the new gamemode are we waiting for like in lunar overture update

  10. I legit thought tutorial gives you Medic and Minigunner for free 💀

  11. Lmao I was actually expecting the duck hunting music before it actually plays and it actually did!

  12. I love how tds went from being great, to being "Tower Delay Simulator", to now being a good game again.

  13. this is the closest thing we are getting to a sandbox mode.

  14. Btw that isnt starter mode
    It metaverse but reworked

  15. I'm level 200 and I still don't know where to put Demoman.

  16. Me: who plays tds without tutorial and win frost invasion after playing it for 2 month

  17. Im sad grave buster got removed from normal mode (going through it was worth it for the song)

  18. Good tutorial not gonna lie. I was really expecting it to be like Tower Blitz, where if you did something wrong Commander would get mad and sent out powerful zombies to kill you, but no, still fun tho. Didn't know they'd make a special enemy for the tutorial, the Dummy Boss, i love the remix and his appearence looking like the Abomination. I also like how the Easy Mode is much more easier, and cash payment increase from 200 to 300. This uptade is really fun, can't wait for Molten (Casual mode now) and Fallen mode reworks.

  19. That map of the tutorial exist in the choose of the map or in the elevators? Also the mini boss "dummy boss".

  20. For older players they need to go to the setting and start replay tutorial (just in case).

  21. I think this is the best update we have had in a while, maybe even before Krampus' Revenge. A new tower from the shop, (which we havent had since 2022 in the Duck Hunting Season with Engineer), a revamp of the easiest game mode (WHICH MAKES IT ACTUALLY EASY NOW!) a new tutorial mode (only thing why does it tell you to place medic in the back, if your gonna place medics atleast place em where they can do damage lol) and a bunch of other stuff like tower rebalances. Very good update.

  22. BFS(Boss Fighting stages) music on last wave. Ok

  23. This gonna change the newbie to make sure they can put correct tower when become defender first!

  24. its nice seeing duck hunt music getting an use again, really love it.

  25. I wish I got 600 free coins when I started tds also who else will do this every day for the easter music

  26. Bruh instead going to your main account and when you in tds lobby click the settings and scroll down and you see button call *replay tutorial *

  27. is it just me or do the thumbnails look kinda weird for tds

  28. I wanna play fallen mode but on the tutorial map now.

  29. That boss looks so cool. Wish it was used somewhere else

  30. 9/10 because this mode got an error at the end of the vid

  31. it impressive that tds got a tutorial mode for the beginners but in the mean time it absolutely useless cuz tds is just like other td game so it not that very hard to understand how to do stuff. if you don't understand the event or smth just search on youtube or ask your friends how to do.

  32. This is good for new players ig they should add this when the game first came out but can't blame them cuz this was just a school project

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