Tower Defense Simulator: The Beginners Guide -

Tower Defense Simulator: The Beginners Guide

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Tower Defense Simulator: The Beginners Guide
I made this for new tds players so they can have only a little percentage of knowledge of tds, there’s much more i could have said in the video, but this is the basics.

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very good it took 23523 hours.



  1. wrong medium mode is actually normal mode because fallen is harder

  2. Dude I was playing dis with my friend and he just joined and I place my mini gunner and he rage quits he broke his mouse and… I bought him a better one

  3. My strat to buy tower is first soldier then demo man(for splash) then buy Ace pilot first then buy farm after farm buy mil base then finally get mini, after that get shotgunner(or gladiator if u have robux and glad is availabe) then get commander an DJ now ur loadout will be Shotgunner, minigunner, commander, DJ, farm then grind until level 50 on molten or if ur bored of it play fallen with others then get accel at hardcore( hardcore loadout will be ace pilot, sniper, minigunner, DJ and farm) u will lose if u solo hardcore

  4. He says dont use sniper but in the vid when he is abt to die he places snipy tho XD LOL

  5. TYSM This turtorial is good it helped me alot

  6. I started playing a tiny bit since i normally play mc but My freind convinced me to play roblox and this game BUT WHEN i join I Dont spawn with anything in my hotbar

  7. I bough as my first tower the farm. Is that ok? Or should I just regret it and get another tower

  8. can you give me the molten's commander dialogs

  9. I am on level 116 Today I played with a 500 level player and I see his tatics are the best that's why I came here to watch this video

  10. Bugler: imma end this commander's whole carrier

  11. Dude thd tank in fallen makes it hard

  12. Before this video I legit thought normal was the easiest and so I kept voting for it 😂

  13. whats the first towers you should get?

  14. im level like 200 by not watching this it took me 1 year 2022 to 2023 heres some tips
    if your fighting a boss that has high hp in event spam minigunners rangers turrets militants commander
    do the medic ability when ever theres a stun use i would say place about 4 medics to heal stuns

    In the Frost Invasion it was a nightmare o_o and night 2 of solar event I WISH I COULD BEAT NIGHT 2 BEFORE THE SOLAR EVENT ENDED 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. First tutorial that actually helped me out, big thanks!

  16. bro i thought lvl 4 farm is pretty cool

    i was wrong💀

  17. Im level 104 and here's some tip for begginers

    1: if it's your first time playing DO NOT SOLO. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE so team up with other or your friends

  18. Tiny tip if you have accel or any expensive tower: GET DJ DOWN YOU WILL DIE WITHOUT IT

  19. The reason its so good to get help from high lvl player is that you can get carried in fallen and get fast money

  20. unfortunally, lvl 50 news until the end of the video is bugged

  21. well, i think you forgot or maybe you just leave to the viewers to think about it, but, after getting on loadout farm, soldier, minigunner, commander and ranger, you also said to buy next dj, so…… where do i place it? should i take off minigunner? ranger? what should i take off of the loadout to put dj?

  22. bro dont purchase soldier
    bec if u became pro shoud buy golden crate and if u buy soldier there is a chance to get golden soldier and its very bad

    and dont buy soldier grind for militant after militant buy farm now u are normal player not a noob


  23. No wonder I always lose when beginning. I always chose normal mode bruh

  24. :/ beginer sana biginer papakita mo pakita mo ren sa simula saan start ang game

  25. Wut a wacky voice like tanqr but thx for tip anyway💀💀

  26. Ok engi got added if u get accel and your more than lvl 60 try to get a golden crate first so it might help u in a hardcore strat

  27. A lvl 100+ is DEFIANTLY not a pro. I would consider a lvl 200-300 a pro depending on their skill

  28. thanks for the guide! aways found this game interesting, tho i cannot play it (something about that my router doesnt have an UDnP or something??) on my xbox (the worst port of roblox in the history of mankind), but, maybe this year i can get a good enough phone that opens roblox lol.

  29. what a fucking dumb design to have "NORMAL MODE" the hardest like what?

  30. just save for militant it will carry u on molten

  31. No one talking abt how he a wrestling ytb and made a Roblox vid

  32. NAHHH, calling Normal the hardest, is stupid.

  33. needs some more gain n bass in that mic

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