Tower Defense Simulator: Solar Eclipse Trailer -

Tower Defense Simulator: Solar Eclipse Trailer

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Solar Eclipse Trailer for Tower Defense Simulator.

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Profine – CG Animation, VFX, Compositing, Gameplay, Editing/Assembly

Phoqus – Trailer Score, Sound Design

Animated in Blender

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  1. Below if you look at this i wanna tell you something. Im in forest camp i made it to wave 30 the molten boss showed up and the molten boss almost died and the molten keeps summoning molten titan in the defend so i can't win and that's not fair.

  2. After 3 or 4 months umbra became an ahegao character

  3. Trailer: towers can walk

    Reality: freezes in 1 place

  4. i remember when everione trought we would get cliff enemies lol

  5. Real gameplay:Looking at a guide of how to speed run it.

  6. Scout: commander theres to many of them
    Commander: now the boss is here
    Toxic gunner: oh no

  7. Trailer: Realistics, Good moves, Interesting.
    Actual gameplay: Boring as fucks.

  8. Bro why did scout kill ranger he's on zombie team

  9. Oh wow what a great game I hope tds don't become a furry game

  10. The Event was amazing! idc if we waited over a year this is one of the best events They ever done!

  11. Ay I know this was months ago but we need an update

  12. Whos that on the cliff in the start of the video

  13. Pleas stop disabling your codes, it’s annoying how you just disable your codes everyday STOP IT

  14. i like the way gladiator just rushed a clanker

  15. As a person who survived the pain this event was, prob the worst event imo, the tower isn’t worth it (after it was nerfed),nights 2 and 3 are already pains in teh butt, plus this event wasn’t new player friendly, hope that spring isn’t the same.

    (What I mean by not new player freindly was u need accel and golden towers to beat this)

    (Also before sombody says “then why play tds during event”, I actually stopped playing tds until the event ended then got accel so uh yea)

    (ALSO ALSO the bright side is this event was well made so props to the devs for the hard work, sad I couldn’t get past night 2 xd)

  16. I srsly miss this event….this gotta be one of my fav event. In my opinion, the night system mechanics, the voice acting, the pain of winning r pretty cool. But yea some ppl might say its not beginner-friendly, but if its too easy then the ogs will get disappointed just like now spring event


  18. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 like LOVE

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