Tower Defense Simulator rip off games.. | ROBLOX -

Tower Defense Simulator rip off games.. | ROBLOX

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the tower defense games on roblox are pretty known, the big roblox games each have their own thing. however, some players want to remake their own stuff, and we try out those roblox games.


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. And how come can u be a admin and troll people

  2. Rest in peace frontline defense it is a good game you just need to wait the loading

  3. The creator of Accurate tds roleplay is my friend

  4. John: who the hell wants to rp as freezer
    proceeds to use freezer

  5. hey im AmNoobVer pls play my Tower Defense game,
    name is AmNoobVer'd TD [DEMO]


  7. You’ve should of test out the “Totally normal tower defense gaem” In Roblox

  8. 1:12 Oh I know this me and my friend super played this and his friend created this and played this and it's so underrated and we don't play that anymore

  9. Every time you copy tds – tds beats you to death-

  10. The games you played used used tds kits or used game assets

  11. John I know a better old tds game its legit

  12. You can’t steal other peoples work
    Tds devs = let’s just steal tower battles

  13. I was like lvl 70 when I made this comment and first of all I’m not sure you ACTUALLY hate tds you just wanted to play different tds games that are fake!

  14. Tower defense simulator is just a ripoff of Bloons Tower defense

  15. John: who the heck wants to become freezer?

    John: becomes a freezer

  16. The old tower defence that was the last one it goes to wave 60 and gold Titan spawns

  17. The knife tower from low budget is like the blue and red crook boss skin they just stare the zombies down and at a level he hold a tommy gun in a not safe way(cool way)

  18. Remember. Tower defense is a genre, not a game

  19. john thinking there memes but they are just bad dev kits

  20. Tds is a rip off game, it copied tower battles.

  21. The second game is also a copy of totally normal tower defense geam

  22. Nice u are playing base tower defense my friends game

  23. Oh no… They copied tds, what monstrosity is this? How could they just copy the game without giving credits to the creator of tower battles tds.

  24. some of the rip off kinda not accurate, here is reason:

    -no delay
    -no nerfed good towers
    -proper map selection area

  25. Tower battles copy games
    1. Tower defense simulator
    How is this allowed???

  26. pls play tower battles battleground u can be a tower but its a cool copy

  27. john: tds sucks
    also john: uses evolution evade thumbnail
    john (again): this game sucks

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