Tower Defense Simulator Cancelled Updates.. | ROBLOX -

Tower Defense Simulator Cancelled Updates.. | ROBLOX

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in tds, tower defense simulator roblox, there has been many planned updates but never came out


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  1. This is how I think the hacker would've worked

    1. He could cut the speed of zombies by 15%
    2. Decrease the tower PLACEMENT COST by 10-20%
    3. Make zombies spawn with 5-10% less health

  2. Still waiting for commando returns or imaging an big update of all events just imagine

  3. what game were u playing in back ground

  4. I'm just watching the gameplay while listening

  5. I'm going to take some guesses on the Hacker vote. Army Camp is pretty much Elf Camp, Mercenary is Militant, and Glue Gunner is Toxic Gunner. (Keep in mind that the Overhaul update came out after this tweet was announced, the John rework was probably not even worked on yet.)

  6. Hacker tower should be a pursuit skin ngl

  7. Why I really want the Freezer rework:
    -it’s cool
    -he needs it

  8. I have John skin it’s ok John.

  9. Below just copy again below copy from balloon td6 hero tower he copy

  10. looking back at it, below natural and tds is sort of like sean murray and no mans sky except below natural had more of a functioning game at the start but then preceeded to put all this pressure on himself by promising things that aren't real like Bethesda with fallout

  11. there was a update where lost mode was supposed to be a thing and another one that seemed to hint at the dom slayer looking skin for shotgunner back

  12. I feel like if they made a test server like rainbow six seige it could help plan updates and have the community give feedback on the features being tested

  13. The arsenal collab has been in development limbo as described by MidnightKrystal cause of something I forgot, but it isn't cancelled

  14. Tds devs just hyping rn, game about to die in these 3 next month

  15. I really want that they can add awk fallen king cus it’s actually pretty cool and it can spice up the normal fallen gameplay

  16. I read this as “tds cancelled” and fucking screamed YYEEEEEEES THE FURFAG GAME IS BEING SHUT DOWN

  17. It takes a certain amount of time to update the game like getting the idea and scripting

  18. Hacker tower could be support, like boosting towers dmg or smth

  19. Why they don't add the return of golden titan but it's harder and he have new look

  20. Dont we all want john and fucking enenforcer right John just piss off the devs until they add it back

  21. all i want is a new drone tower, which i hope is the hacker, and a new kind or eco tower. we got an end of wave eco and a cash bonus on attacking eco, but i want something that could be like the banks in btd or the marketplaces, granting cash during the wave without having to wait for cash. just a more reliable form of eco to help you out. i mean seriously speaking rn. if hacker was added, i hope he gets a mechanic that allows him to increase end of wave cash by a percentage that increases through levels. that would be lit

  22. Hacker is still coming out it will take a while though

  23. man there is still these things they can add if they run out of ideas instead of doing SKIN UPDATES MY GOSH

  24. It’s been 5 months and bleh no hacker

  25. tds went from tower delay simulator to tower delete simulator 💀

  26. This did occur the tds x Arsenal collaboration it was for arsenal not tds. They added the tds skins and a zombie mode

  27. 4:24 i really wished they had this considering freezer got nerfed like 2 times for it being the worst tower

  28. He didn’t know
    Freezer rework actually came

  29. i like how the freezer rework did actually came out

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