Tower Defense Simulator But It's Better (NEW GAME) | ROBLOX -

Tower Defense Simulator But It’s Better (NEW GAME) | ROBLOX

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you have to join group to play game, pretty weird but yea.



  1. i played that game but uhhh uhhh do u play the real game?

  2. *R E A L I S T I C P H Y S I C S A S J O I N E D T H E C H A T"

  3. I was already thinking a tower defense simulator that can move towers for a year

  4. i use moving towers like i choose tower that i will move and i act like this tower is a player XD

  5. no you forgot cube defense and base defense/defence

  6. Hey m8 can u pls play a game called 'totally normal tower defense gaem'

  7. so thats why his tower is removed from tower defense simulator

  8. why you not show it faced front face of the game??

  9. So i already play this game so cool video bro 😎 :username bossjp222014

  10. First mal Is Bear alpha mansion

  11. Tds but the towers aren't stupid and just stands there:

  12. And here is original toxic gunner

  13. tower defense simulator but the towers are smart

  14. Everyone gangsta until the towers dance when you win

  15. Sadly this game is now dead 😭 💀 ☠️ I still play tho

  16. [★] ᴛʜᴇ sʜᴇʀɪꜰꜰ [★] says:

    Its most smart towers.

  17. Ived been trying to find this game for over a year thx u so much


  19. Tds but towers are smart and dont wear wheelchairs

  20. It’s sad how aether rush dosnt update anymore

  21. This is like a copy of bad north(not roblox) + Roblox tds

  22. So uhh the owner of arther rush is now John developer now

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