Tower Defense Simulator but it's 2D.. | ROBLOX -

Tower Defense Simulator but it’s 2D.. | ROBLOX

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in tds the normal game is boring now compared to this gem that i have found, it’s a new roblox game that is the same tower defense simulator thing but it’s 2d.


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. Ninjakiwi presents …….
    Bloons tower defence Tds Version

  2. On my school then show things for Learn how to do stuff on scratch but that is a man with 5000 IQ

  3. Ballons tower defense is not a rip off it was launched before tds

  4. is nobody talking about how they fixed accels targetting

  5. roblox sucks he banned me aand i dont even know my password in roblox i dont play roblox anymore i play ripoff tds games now

  6. why can't I go in there
    (I'm on ipad fr)


  8. Oh this is crasted on scratch… oh my God…

  9. I tryed the game I tryed molten and lost and got 234 tokens

  10. Wait you have 0 tokens and you got a golden crate

  11. I played that tds game the waves were infinite :/

  12. i can’t even make a cat move on scratch this is so cool

  13. Scratch should allow actual coding languages so that you can make more games especially the advanced ones along with other experienced developers and also it should make 3D games easier to support since rigth now other game services like Unity are doing alot better with making games

  14. when I try play it and I wait 30 minutes and it say aw snap

  15. Son:mom can i play tds
    Mom:son we have tds at home
    Tds at home

  16. Balloons td is a different game made about 20 years ago

  17. Tower Defense simulator but it got hit by a hydraulic press

  18. More like Ball Defense Simulator but it's perfectly good

  19. I new it was Scratch I play some of them at school I play the 2nd one that was on there the 1st 1 when I see is so much coding that it crashes my computer immediately at school

  20. Scratch is very similar to roblox, you can create your own games

  21. Super Sonic. Exe (2022 Roblox Hacker) says:

    the world of the BALLER

  22. press q in his game ttto get infinitte money

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